Manchester United will NOT sign Mesut Ozil Exclusive

Ozil understands Manchester United will not sign German prodigy Mesut Ozil this summer. The Werder Bremen midfielder impressed last season but really shot into the public eye when he helped destroy Australia and England in the World Cup; however, we can confirm that he will not be joining the Old Trafford club this summer.

Rumours intensified that we were due to sign him at the weekend when Sir Alex watched Fulham (who are due to play United in just under 2 weeks time) play Ozil’s club side in a friendly on Saturday, before he sidestepped almost half a dozen questions on the matter after the Community Shield.

However, we have been told that “David Gill has made it very clear to journalists” that United will not be signing the exciting youngster.

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  1. I’ll wait for the official statement from Werder, I don’t trust these bloody spanish papers…

  2. We can’t even sign a player of this quality at a bargain fee, everyone knows we are crying out for a creative midfield player that scores goals. Know wonder season ticket sales are down!!!

  3. utd dont need him but would be a great addition to the team… we need a creative midfilder as anderson is injured and if hargreaves doesnt come back this season then he needs to go along with anderson and bring someone in along with a goalkeeper like shay given

  4. Your wrong Ozil didnt shine last yr at Bremen, he had an normal season and despite some claims wasnt Bremens best player by a long shot, Muller totally out shone him for Germany. I fail see hype round Ozil who not as good as some making out to be, nearly all our midfield is better especially Giggs, Scholes, Nani, Valencia and Fletch, Cleverley and Obertan are better prospects, Ozil aint needed and aint a star name.

  5. Ozil did have a good season; read on twitter that his assist rate was the same as Xavi’s last season so it’s not to be sniffed at.

  6. Manchester has no creative midfielder, and when he revived, so buy it again, and may forget a supplement equal to a triumph. In 2009 we were the best in the world, Ronaldo and Tevez, however, received no compensation and extracted slowly losing position. It is a pity, because Manchester worldwide millions of fans cheers. Unfortunately, the club seems to think so, no longer wish to be the best.

  7. Yolkie i never said he didnt have a good yr but he wasnt as great as some made out- ppl forget its the bundesliga, no where near prem lge standard, he wouldnt be half as good and will vanish once a few ugly defenders level him. Fact still stands that he aint as good as many of our lads, not in the lge of Giggs, Scholes, Nani, Valencia, Fletch and never will be, consider Gabby, Cleverley better prospects…last yr Giggs racked up 15 while Nani, Valencia 14 assists each, equal to Ozil but in a harder lge.

  8. cleverley is better and will be a star. ozil is not “world class” as fans and media are claiming, he was ordinary for w/bremen and was not germays stand out – that was thomas mueller, he’s a good player but is starting to get highly over-rated. yolkie, good assist rates dont mean you had a great season. cleverley and gibbo will repalce scholesy as fergie said himself, not ozil like media claim. world class legends giggs and scholes have a few yrs yet. our midfielders are better than ozil. we dont need ozil

  9. Kevin SwissManc: this news isn’t related to Barcelona’s interest or supposed signing, just that United are definitely not interested.

  10. Ozil is a bargin at that price and if Gill can’t see the value in that, then he should resign as united CEO.Even if we bought him and he did not fit into the squad we could have sold him at a profit next year.

  11. milan valko, what the hell yu on about. we hae creative midfielders hell scholes is a fucking genius, giggs is simply the best, we have nnani, antonio, gabby and clelverley – all creative. tevez was nothing – highly over-rated. we miss cristiano ronaldo but thats because he’s the best in the world today. we are the best and we will be the best forever. we are the biggest club in the world. we dont need ozil and i dont get why fans rate him simply because of the world cup as no-one cared about ozil before.

  12. Paul if you want Given, we may as well kept the useless Flopster, neither good enough for a club the size of United. Vandersar still here for 1 last yr which is great, and we have a future number1 in our great pole, Tomasz Kuszczak. kk and amos are a picture perfect fit for the Utd keeper role and we shouldnt waste cash on an area that is already perfect.

  13. AJ “yolkie, good assist rates dont mean you had a great season. ”

    No they don’t but for a 20/21 year old it makes pretty impressive reading. They indicate more that he had a very good season rather than indicate otherwise, surely?

  14. why are you people obsessed with a kid you didnt rate, want nor know of before the world cup. poborsky rngs any bells, good euro 96 – flop, how about kleberson, good world cup – flop, hows about djemba-djemba, we never thought he was gonna totally suck. ben foster, massimo taibi, people throught they was good keepers – total fucking flops. ozil would be no different. good thing we dont want him, and at 13.5m – what an over inflated price for an over-rated 21y/o kid. thank god we dont want ozil.

  15. There is only one lad i would like see arrive at Utd before market closes but i know it not happen- Alexis Sanchez. Im confident in the team we got and dont believe for a second that we need any new reinforcements, especially with the unstoppable Chicharito and young starlets like Cleverley, Kiko, Da Silva twins, Gabby, Gibbo, the key is to believe.

  16. gotta state i knew foster was useless when we signed him and knew he was gonna suck. yolkie, it makes good reading that a young kid had a good assist rate, but how did werder do làst year, not well. ozil is a small lad and not that strong, our league would eat him alive if he came, with any luck someone else will sign him to stop this rubbish and media crap. ozil is average and not good enough for the biggest club in the world – manchester united. do you hear what i am saying to you right now.

  17. Aj – I’m not obsessed, I was reporting our exclusive information on the matter.

    Rate him or not he has been strongly linked over the last month. Read our other blogs where we have gotten behind the team we have. I have strongly written that I am happy with what we have.

  18. @yolkie: cheers mate, just realised.. was just readin another article about him and the spanish press..

  19. but who said this? there is far too much make believe going on surrounding the transfer saga. only if gills comments are issued on man utd’s official website should anyone consider it genuine.

    even so, ferguson might well have kept tight lipped on ozil rumours, but the media are taking quote snippets from the interview to make it look both in and out of favour for his the boys signature.

  20. I’m not sure where you are getting this story from. But if it’s true then Gill and Fergie are going to have to come up with a new set of lies to tell about the finances. The “no value in the market” story won’t fly anymore.

  21. This has come from two souces; the first told me over 10 days ago but I got confirmation this morning. Both sources heard this direct from David Gill himself.

    As for why they don’t say it; I don’t know. Maybe they don’t want backlash. Fergie can say “no value” all summer but can’t with this. Werder have lowered it to accomodate us, he’d look silly.

  22. wse need to sign him because players like anderson&hargreaves are injured and we need a player at his capabilities

  23. if Gill said this 10 days ago, it’s surely irrelevant if Fergie was unwilling to quash the rumours about the player just 2 days ago. if it were simply a case of Ferg not thinking there was room for him in the squad, he’d probably come out and say as much.

  24. I hear the Gill quote is dated back to the Tour of America so maybe his stance has changed over the fortnight since?

    I won’t argue against your source, however – this site tends to be correct about these type of things.

  25. The original quotes were 10 days ago however I had it confirmed by another this morning.

    No-one would be happier to be wrong on this than me; he’s a quality player, even though I don’t think we need him desperately, he would be nice to have and give us something we don’t have.

    I wouldn’t have run the story if I wasn’t 100% sure

  26. i could say almost majority of united fans worldwide consider man utd to sign Ozil. if Man utd reluctant to bring this man,and they flop this season,i’m expecting a wrath among the loyal fans.

  27. WHEN has gill said United will not be signing the exciting youngster.
    all you have quoted is “David Gill has made it very clear to journalists”

    the question to that answer could anythin could even be what did he have for dinner

  28. bob, thanks for your question.

    Apologies for what you consider to be a vague coverage.

    I am not a transfer “insider” nor have I ever claimed to be, I just report information and exclusives as and when they are presented to me.

    In order to preserve my own credibility and, you’ll understand, my access to this information, sometimes I have to be vague so as not to always reveal the source or the exact words. In this case I can state that David Gill was explicitly speaking about Manchester United’s desire to sign Ozil and that what he was “making very clear” was that we were not going to sign him.

    Read into Ferguson’s comments what you will; personally I think he likes Ozil but his hands were tied on the £12m fee. When it was rumoured it was under £10m, Fergie has probably played it coy, because even if he can’t sign him, saying there’s no value makes him look a liar. Would he take that risk?

  29. Sir Alex is not and has never been a liar, Bremen dropped their world cup asking price of £25m because kid aint worth that type of cash, he was orginally priced at £12m in april and they reverted back to that cause NO ONE was gona match what wanted for an 1-season wonder, they want shot of him now cause he be a bosman free come january. We dont need this kid as we got far better kids on our books coming though, saying that if Sir Alex wants him then he buy him, but he wouldnt be pressured into it.

  30. Utd can’t sign MO. They have no money. Period. Gill and SAF have wasted all of it, a lot of it actually, on duds like Berba , Anderson, Hargreaves et el. Don’t blame the Glazers. Would you allow your staff to spend more after you have squandered millions? Sorry, we Utd fans must now be ready to play 2nd, 3rd or 4th fiddle in the league. Forget the Community Shield crap.

  31. First of all Özil is a really good player. He was the star of German U-21 team last summer when they won the european championship and this summer he was definitely the best player of Germany. He is exactly what United needs, a creative midfielder. Giggs and Scholes are getting old and Fletcher and Carrick are more battling midfielders. They are good but they lack the creativity. Gibson, Cleverley etc are young and have not proven themselves in the top level, Özil has.

  32. What an embarrassment (john tring), this rival fan comes on here and cowardly tries act be one of us- have a pair mate and atleast let ppl know your a rival fan…Sir Alex never squanders cash- he buys top level playerz and some just cant handle it at the best club in the world. We shall always challenge for 1st- you should worry bout aging chelsea, skint mid-table liverpool, skint average gunners, who ever it is you support not winning anything this yr, nxt yr and yr after that.

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