03.08.10 Stretty Stories

It seems Wayne Rooney and Anderson have both gotten the attention of Sir Alex with their off the field antics, and Rooney’s rumored punishment may actually be a good thing for United fans. In other news, the hunt for van der Dar’s future replacement continues in Denmark and United may be twice as valuable as Liverpool.

Red faces at United as duo spark off-field controversies – The Daily Mail

Anderson’s weekend car crash generated headlines yesterday, and now Wayne Rooney’s actions could cause the gaffer further stress. Rooney was photographed Saturday night smoking and urinating in public; while Anderson was involved in a car crash at 7am on Saturday following a night at the clubs in Portugal. Sir Alex is now under pressure to discipline these two players for their actions. Anderson is now facing the possibility of a police investigation to determine if alcohol was involved in the crash. The Brazilian midfielder has insisted he is okay and will continue his rehab so he can contribute to the club in the upcoming season. There are not enough facts to judge Anderson yet; accidents happen and as long as he wasn’t intoxicated I don’t see a problem. Though, I do question his staying out at the clubs until 7am when he should be focusing on getting fit. Meanwhile, I think punishing Rooney would be overkill. Sure, he’s in the public eye and shouldn’t behave like this, and he certainly shouldn’t be smoking if it affects his ability to perform. However, we all have nights where we go out and have a bit too much to drink and make stupid mistakes. Like Anderson, he shouldn’t have been out so late with the season rapidly approaching, but this is hardly worthy of punishment. Is it really fair to punish a 24-year-old for having a bit of fun with his wife before the season begins?

Community service for Roo – The Sun

I already said I don’t think Rooney deserves to be punished for a night out on the town, but if the club does intend to punish him I hardly see how forcing him to play in the Community Shield is punishment. Rooney loves to play football. Our chances of winning the Community Shield with him on the field are much better than without him. This seems like a good thing…

United take Finland goalkeeper on trial – The Daily Mail

I suppose with every season Edwin van der Sar prolongs his career these rumors linking United with young goalkeepers will persist. However, this one if better than a rumor. 20-year-old Lukas Hradecky is on trial with Manchester United now. I had never heard of him until this article, but apparently he already made an appearance for his country. He is currently playing for Danish side Esbjerg.

Are Manchester United worth two Liverpools? – The Guarian

Yes; how is this a legitimate question? Tom Hicks and George Gillett are asking for £650m for Liverpool, but Kenneth Huang’s offer yesterday was much lower than that. Yet the Glazers reportedly turned down a £1.5b offer for United. So is United really worth double of Liverpool? Putting all bias aside, let’s look at the numbers. Would it be too easy to simply point out that Manchester United was ranked the most valuable sports team in the world by Forbes at $1.83b (£1.15b) while Liverpool was valued at $822m (£517m)…

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  1. Interesting RE: Rooney / Anderson. One would presume that it takes the heat of Anderson; Fergie can read them both the riot act. Sources inside the club said that they hoped this “shook some sense” into Ando. I hope so.

    RE: Liverpools value.

    I wouldn’t be so pompous to say we’re “double” the value in terms of the club because I respect their history and achievements. However, the value is the value and it tells it’s own story. For all their history the team & club have an inherent lack of class that runs through the players, the management and the supporters. This generation of watching United overtake them as the most successful club has really shown up the club for the ungracious mob they are.

    The hilarious thing is after watching them blow millions on crap players over the year and suffer accusations of United buying the title they now wet their pants with the potential of some dodgy Far Eastern showering them with artificial success. Don’t they know what happened with Shinawatra..

  2. It depends on how you choose to interpret “worth” I guess. In terms of how much they’re valued at/would cost to buy then yes, I guess current figures suggest that United are “worth” two of Liverpool.

    But at the end of the day they have worldwide fandom and even if you look at it in a pure business sense, have much more scope to exploit their “brand” than they currently do.

    And as much as a group of their fans are ungracious at their decline in terms of trophy success, there’s plenty of fans at clubs who are still winning things (very much including our own) who are ungracious with their team’s success too.

  3. RE: Liverpool. The article was discussing the cost of each club, so in that sense I do believe United is worth double of Liverpool. Of course, I’m biased against Liverpool. I’d love to meet a United fan who isn’t. That said, they obviously have a great history, but their modern history plays a role too. Since the Premier League’s inception in 1992 United have been wildly more successful. United’s 11 Premier Leagues, 2 Champions Leagues, and 4 FA Cups dwarfs Liverpool’s 0 Premier Leagues, 1 Champions League, and 2 FA Cups.

    All that aside though. Is United worth double the value of Liverpool? Forbes would certainly suggest so. Are both still considered world-class clubs? Absolutely. I didn’t mean to take anything from Liverpool’s history. Playful jest as a United fan.

  4. Not so much worried about the Rooney incident. Yes, the smoking isn’t great but at least he always puts everything in when playing in a United shirt and has been performing brilliantly for us. The same cannot be said for Anderson who performed poorly when fit last year. Needs to sort himself out or perhaps more realistically, Fergie needs to give him a right bollicking.

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