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The big news today is Anderson’s car crash after a night of clubbing in Portugal over the weekend. The midfielder had to be removed from his wrecked car before it exploded. Also, Tom Cleverly is reportedly close to a loan move to Newcastle and Rooney (and co.) are set to make their first appearances since the World Cup in Ireland.

With some suggesting that alcohol may have been involved in Anderson’s crash, we take a look at what this could mean for Anderson’s future…

Anderson dragged clear of burning car after crash – The Guardian

The young Brazilian ran his car off the road in Portugal at 7am on Saturday following a night out at the clubs. Anderson had two passengers with him in the two-seater car, and fortunately all three were discharged from the hospital with minor injuries. It is still not know who the driver was or if alcohol was involved. Stretford-End.com has recently shown its support for Anderson, backing him to live up to his potential in he upcoming season. Incidents like this certainly do not help to win over fans though. The worst case scenario is that Anderson was the driver and was intoxicated. That kind of behavior would surely be the end of his Old Trafford career. But even if that’s not the case and he was just a passenger (in his own car), surely his late night partying must come as some concern for the gaffer. Especially as this is a player currently recovering from injury. Anderson’s rumored to have a strained relationship with Sir Alex, some reports suggesting the Brazilian was fined two-weeks wages for an unauthorized trip to Brazil. Late night clubbing and car accidents certainly won’t help their relationship. This is surely not the end of this story, so keep checking the Stretty Rant for updates on this developing story.

Newcastle set to clinch loan deal for Cleverly – The Daily Mail

I’m actually not sure how I feel about this. I think a loan would do Cleverly some good and get him some valuable experience, but I’m not sure Newcastle is the right team for him. Also, with Anderson’s future put in doubt by the accident, we may need the talent that Cleverly provides in the midfield. What to do with Cleverly should certainly be a dilemma Sir Alex is facing right now.

Rooney set for first United game since World Cup – The Daily Mail

I feel like I already read this. In fact, Stretty Stories had already reported that the World Cup players were play in Ireland on Wednesday, so I don’t really understand how this is news. Either way, it’ll be nice to have our World Cup participants back in the squad and preparing for the season ahead.

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3 Comments on 02.08.10 Stretty Stories

  1. I really think it’s insane to write Anderson off before we even know if he was even doing anything wrong. He could have quite easily died and people are turning on him with “this is his last chance” type statements. If he was shit faced and almost killed himself and 2 other, fine, fucking him off but until that comes out, support him.

    Oh and if Anderson’s future is cast into doubt over this accident and Cleverly goes out on loan, we’ll certainly be looking to bring in an attacking midfielder. If we don’t we can all but wait for season 11/12.

  2. I’m not trying to write Anderson off. I’m simply commenting on the speculation, which is my role on the Stretty Rant. I compile the news and comment. Sadly, stories like this sometimes happen.I would love nothing more than for Anderson to come back and be a huge hit at Old Trafford. All United fans would. Putting all speculation aside (drunk driving), even if he was being the perfect law-abiding citizen, I think there’s still the issue that he was out at a club until 7am. I think Sir Alex has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want his players behaving like that, especially one who should be focusing on recovering from injury. So all speculation aside, I think there are still some issues…

  3. I don’t think having a car accident is the end of his united career.this should be said if he has another average season.cleverly looked good when he has played but fergie thinks it’s best so we will see.we will win the league anyway.

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