Houston Press “welcomes” Manchester United

Ryan Giggs
Rarely does anything infuriate me to the point of writing about it; this is one of those rare exceptions. The Houston Press “welcomed” Manchester United to their city by publishing “Manchester United: Five Reasons To Hate Them.” As if the title wasn’t bad enough, the author proved he clearly lacks any form of credentials to be a journalist by making more than a few errors. He also proved how arrogant some people can be.

His fourth reason to hate Manchester United was that they have snobby fans. What exactly does this article make him? He turns his nose up at one of the world’s biggest clubs and spends an entire article giving reasons for why you should hate them. And if he’s going to encourage people to hate United, the least he could do is get some of his facts straight.

A little research may have prevented him from looking like such a fool…

  • “Take David Beckham for example, he was hated in England after he was sent off in the 2002 World Cup.” – David Beckham was sent off in the 1998 World Cup, not the 2002 World Cup. Even just quickly glancing at wikipedia would’ve confirmed this.
  • “The squad coming to town this Wednesday has some likeable veterans; players such as Paul Scholes, Gary Neville, and Rio Ferdinand.” – Neither Gary Neville nor Rio Ferdinand are on the tour as they stayed in Manchester to recover from injuries. Also, why is there no mention of Ryan Giggs, easily one of the most likable figures in the game.
  • “At least the Red Army can say they got their asses kicked by Elijah Wood and the Inter City Firm.” – This one is small, but worth mentioning. While Inter City Firm is the name of West Ham’s hooligan firm, if he’s going to reference the movie Green Street Hooligans, he should stick to the film. Elijah Wood was a member of the Green Street Elite in the film, which is the film’s version of Inter City Firm.

Along with his incorrect facts, the writer also talk a stab at Old Trafford claiming it wasn’t as “luxurious” as Houston’s Reliant Stadium. Apparently the historical value of Old Trafford was completely lost upon him. Sorry that Manchester United hasn’t spent millions to build a new stadium was a corporate sponsor’s name on it. At United, the history of Old Trafford is meaningful to the club. And while it may not be new, obviously many renovations have been done over the years. I thought the stadium was incredible when I visited in 2008.

He also complained that ESPNsoccernet provides more coverage to Manchester United than the Houston Dynamo. Really?! I would’ve never guessed. It’s not like that makes sense or anything. Of course the bigger club is going to get more coverage! Is that even a question? I really want to know where this guy got his journalism degree from, because not only does he not check facts, he apparently doesn’t understand the concept of what should be considered the “newsworthy” and how certain stories are bigger than others.

In closing, I’ll leave you with the comment I left for this writer:

Who the hell gave this guy a job? As a journalism student, we are constantly told to check our facts, something the writer of this clearly had no intention of doing. Beckham was sent of the in the 1998 World Cup, not the 2002 World Cup. Also, neither Gary Neville nor Rio Ferdinand are on the tour. Both stayed in Manchester to recover from injuries. And while this may be nitpicky, Inter City Firm is the hooligan firm associated with West Ham in real life, for the movie Elijah Wood was a member of Green Street Elite.

This is no way to welcome a world class team to your city. Their presence is likely the sole reason for a record crowd, you should at least appreciate the financial benefits they’ve brought through ticket sales for the MLS All-Star game. Not to mention the local businesses that will benefit from fans traveling to Houston to see United.

I’m a dedicated Manchester United fan who was born and raised in the United States. Crap journalism like this is part of the reason we’re given a bad name. You clearly know nothing about the sport, and had no intention of doing any research. For the sake of all soccer fans in America, please never write on the sport again. You sir, are an idiot.

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10 Comments on Houston Press “welcomes” Manchester United

  1. mate, you are awesome. this idiot is well an idiot and thanks to you for putting this moron in his place and enabling me not to have to waste time reading this clueless twats disgraceful artice. we are the biggest and most famous club in the world and as a life long manchester united supporter in england who knows all about our glorious history, thank you.

  2. what a loser,as a houstonian i apologize on the behalf of dumb reporters,thats not how all houstonians think.

  3. Aww, diddums, the Yanks not showing the cap-scraping deference that you expect from the cowed English media?

    Better get used to it, the shine is starting to tarnish.

  4. Of course by leaving a response like that you’ll just have convinced him that he’s right. *shrug* Better to leave the likes of them to it.

    @ Fifthcolumnblue: “cowed English media”? ur teh funneh

  5. So Sorry ! Houston Press is a controversial little pick-up- with-coffee paper.In their own way they stir up interest but most people take what’s written with a grain and a whole lot of salt!
    You’ve got fabulous coverage in the Houston Post and we are so excited to host this game tonite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Insulted by the Houston Press? I live in Houston and that weekly piece of garbage is an insult to those of us who live here. It’s run by a bunch of uneducated retards who have no credentials whatsoever and most probably lost their jobs as janitors, fry cooks, delivery, etc. and had no other options than to go to work for the Houston Press. (Note that the Press is a WEEKLY [free] paper that is mostly advertisements and such. It is NOT a newspaper and does NOT represent the city of Houston nor any members of other media in this city.

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