Alan Shearer insists we are a one man team

Alan Shearer

One time Premier League title winner Alan Shearer has stated that Wayne Rooney ‘carries United’ at times, a day after the Premier League’s top goal scorer commits his future to United. Alan Shearer famously turned down the opportunity to win a host of medals, twice, by signing for Blackburn Rovers in 1992 and Newcastle United in 1996. Legendary captain Bryan Robson stated in his autobiography that even as a fellow Geordie he couldn’t ‘understand’ as to why Shearer opted out of success at United.

The former England striker now BBC pundit described Rooney’s performances as ‘spectacular’ and stated that he has ‘stepped up’ after the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. Shearer was speaking to BBC Five live:

“I think he has carried United on his own at times. That’s saying something for the size of that particular club.I think his performances have been spectacular and I hope he’s not peaking too soon, as an England fan. As important as he is to Manchester United, he is just as important to England, and I don’t think anyone should forget that. On the other hand there were question marks.”

“People were saying he has to step up his performance this year because of the loss of Cristiano Ronaldo [to Real Madrid] and boy has he done that. I wouldn’t bother resting him – I don’t think he appreciates being rested either. I was exactly the same, you know your own body better than anyone else. He seems to thrive on playing and he hates missing games. The fear I have with him is injury and that is not something he, nor anyone, can do anything about.”

3 Comments on Alan Shearer insists we are a one man team

  1. The hypocrites have started again. I know that this issue will roar its ugly head again. They said it during Cantona, Beckham, Ruud, Ronaldo,now Rooney.

  2. We sold nt even our best player but everybody’s best player. Chelsea should sell Drogba, Liverpool Torres and Arsenal Fabrigas,lets see where it will leave everybody.

  3. He who is born to succeed must and otherwise for those that are born losers. if we are one man or 2 man player(s), fine, rooney is blessed as a united player with success in his boot and medals in possession while the blackburn and newcastle man is doesnt. wayne should fire goals and force more those anti-man u to speak out. shearer is one of them.

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