Rafael “Keegan” Benitez goes on meltdown – the Stretford-End “Dossier”.

Of course I’m sure you’ve all had a chance to witness “Rafa’s” rant at Fergie. If not, go here – http://www.skysports.com/video/clips/0,23791,12606_4770525,00.html

Of course, again, perhaps you don’t need me to pick apart and dissect Benitez’s crackpot claims. But I’m pedantic like that.

I wasn’t quite clear whether it was intended as a joke or he seriously meant it but as I watch it again I believe the old coot is actually serious.

First of all, being asked a question and then pulling out a sheet of paper (then claiming he doesn’t want to start “mind games” – a repeated comment)!!

The whole fixtures comment – on the one hand it seems like he’s slating Fergie for having the gaul to question how it can be possible for United to draw the top 10 sides from last season all away, all before Christmas and after each European tie. But then he goes on to say they had early kick offs 2 years ago. And they didn’t say anything.

Erm, what’s this then Rafa? It looks suspiciously like you’re saying something. About something that happened 2 years ago. AND this season – “at Christmas.. we were at Newcastle two days after playing Bolton. They were not complaining then”.

Why would he be? Your club, your problems!

“Only Mr Ferguson can talk about referees and not be punished”. But Rafa you said he was banned and fined £10 k??

“We started the respect campaign with the sending off of Mascherano at Old Trafford”.

He wants some kudos for his player being uncontrollable? Oh no, wait, he’s blaming Bennett. For the red card and for not awarding Wigan a penalty against us last season. He’s talking facts, but doesn’t mention the fact Bennett didn’t award a penalty for the clear foul on Scholes in the same game.

“To complain and to always have an advantage is not fair”

I thought this was supposed to be a factual enlightenment? Not some exhibition of Rafa’s successful transformation into bitter bin dipper.

“And I was very clear, forget the campaign because Mr Ferguson was killing the referees, killing Mr Atkinson, killing Mr Hackett. But he is not punished.”

Apart from the £10k fine and 2 game ban then? But you mentioned that didn’t you, Rafa? I’m confused!

Of course all of this is laughable – all the more ironic when you consider one of his players who is currently on charge of ABH is allowed to play football when Eric Cantona wasn’t after Selhurst Park (quite rightly, but I’m showing the FA double standards), when you consider that one of his players wrote in an autobiography that he deliberately injured a team mate and also sent two friends to physically assaulting a player who had injured him and escaped unpunished while Roy Keane was given an ADDITIONAL 5 match ban and £150k fine for a deliberate foul he’d already been suspended for due to admitting it was deliberate in his autobiography.

And considering the supporters of his own club who mugged each other for Champions League Final tickets then bombarded the barriers so those with legit tickets couldn’t get in (narrowly escaping another Heysel) escaped unpunished, but ours get attacked by the Italian police and Roma’s Ultras and we get fined.. (Yes I accept our own supporters were not angels in this instance. This really just illustrates the point).

I recently wrote about this in our forum. If any club is the beneficiary of collective myopia – or “diplomatic immunity”, if you will – by the sports governing bodies, it’s that classless bunch from up the M62.

Still, nice to see that there’s life in the auld dog yet.

Well played Sir Alex, well played.


7 Comments on Rafael “Keegan” Benitez goes on meltdown – the Stretford-End “Dossier”.

  1. Cantona was found guilty before being suspended from football you idiot. Rafa’s done enough to draw a response out of you so it’s working already.

  2. A response out of us? Is that his aim? Seems like there was no point in doing it at all if that was his aim Bob….What about the United team who were all laughing apparently? Or your own players who have just had the pressure of not being anywhere a title for 20 years ratcheted up ten fold and 3 months ahead of any actual title race…it can only adversely affect your team who were doing fine without these comments and make us play better because we’d just been beaten by Derby…our players have got some extra motivaton now haven’t they because according to your manager we gain an unfair advantage, probably why we’ve won all those prmeierships and are current World, European and English champions…He’s a complete half-wit mate

  3. oh how we laugh
    sir rafa tauts
    and the mancs quiver in an state of perverbial rationalision becoming of a worm scorched in a flame of fire.

    basically all im saying is………
    everyone will be looking at the chelsea man u game now instead of the greats against stoke.
    referees will turn to now start adding salt to wound and be braver at old trafford
    sir rafa is a double hero for voicing out what everyone else was too scared to say.
    if utd lose against chelski the troubles seriously begin.
    if sir taggot misbehaves again ,the fa will throw the book at him.
    very nice move i say

    well done sir rafa

  4. i think that the pressure is getting to benitez that is why he is starting to be a wimp and state the old stories.rafa will be sacked come the end of the season because once again MANCHESTER UNITED ARE PREMIER LEAGUE,CHAMPS LEAGUE WINNERS and what will have liverpool done JACK SHIT
    so rafa go back to hospital with your kidney stones and shove those facts up your ASS because the REAL FACT IS MAN UTD ARE WORLD,EUROPEAN AND ENGLISH CHAMPS AND THERE IS NOT A DAMN THING YOU OR ANYONE ELSE CAN DO ABOUT IT.

  5. Rafa is a tosser anyway. The whole world knows his side will crumble. His comments will only make it funnier when Utd lift the title!!!

  6. can’t believe him complaining about the wigan penalty.how many times last season did jamie carragher manhandle players and no penalty neither a booking was given??
    for me he’s just made a fool of himself

  7. Bob –

    “Cantona was found guilty before being suspended from football you idiot. Rafa’s done enough to draw a response out of you so it’s working already. ”

    This is an incorrect statement. I don’t mind being called an idiot but please check your facts before disagreeing for the sake of it. Either way, how does that justify the Gerrard situation? Surely in that sense you are agreeing with my point?

    My position on this website is to blog current news. As Friday’s major news was that of a rant from a less successful manager up the road, it was probably worth me commenting on.

    The Chosen One

    I admire your optimism pal.

    And the total number of goals your greats scored against Stoke this season is..?

    swapnil –

    Agreed mate. Also you’ve got admire the balls of Rafa to compile such a dossier and not include the time his captain managed to get a player sent off in the Merseyside derby last season.

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