Season Review: Manchester United’s 2020-21 Campaign

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Manchester United’s season is over. The Red Devils have played their last match of the campaign on Wednesday night in the Europa League final against Villarreal. That did not end well, as we have seen, as the Spanish outfit managed to win after a penalty shoot-out. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side therefore ended the campaign without a trophy, once again, which is the fourth consecutive campaign that has happened. Man United have been waiting for a trophy since the Europa League win in 2017 against Ajax, when Jose Mourinho delivered it, but afterwards failed to keep on building.

Now that the season has been completely over for our team, let’s see how things went for Man United throughout the campaign.

Premier League – Improvements Are Obvious

Man United’s season has been a mix of good results and big disappointments, but those were mostly happening in other competitions. In the Premier League, there have been low moments as well, such as the 6-1 debacle at the hands of Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford and also a run of games against top six sides in which Solskjaer’s team was unable to score. Man United won eight points more than last year, scored seven goals more and conceded eight more than in 2019-20 season. They also moved from third to second place, with Liverpool dropping from first to third.

Man United’s best run of form arrived between early November and late January, when they won 10 and drew three during a 13-game span. After that loss to Sheffield United, they also went on to be unbeaten until Leicester and Liverpool games in May, when they had 14 games without losing. However, there were also six games in which they failed to win.

FA Cup And League Cup – Could Have Been Better

The two domestic cups have always been a good source for potentially winning silverware. In the League Cup, United had a tough job in the semifinal against Manchester City, which they lost, but in the FA Cup, they could have gone past quarterfinals, where the later winners Leicester City defeated them 3-1. That was the competition where United could have gotten to the final, considering an easier draw in the semifinal.

Champions League – A Huge Disappointment

After starting a group stage with wins over Paris Saint-Germain and RB Leipzig, their two biggest opponents, many were thinking could Man United finish first. In the end, the reality had struck everyone in Manchester, as they ended up in third place, ahead of Istanbul Basaksehir, qualifying only for the Europa League. In this competition, a huge step backwards was made.

Europa League – A Trophy We Needed

When United reached Europa League knockout stages, many were saying this is the competition we must win if we want to make this European campaign be noteworthy. And they were right. United were there in the company of strong, but ultimately not strong enough sides such as AC Milan, AS Roma, Arsenal, Slavia Prague, Tottenham Hotspur, Dinamo Zagreb, Ajax… And they reached the final, where Villlarreal managed to win their first ever European trophy. It was the trophy Man United badly needed, to improve the mood ahead of the next season and also remind the players what is the feeling like when lifting silverware…

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