Four Things We Would Like To See From Man United At Stamford Bridge

Manchester United have won consecutive matches away from home and on Wednesday night, they will aiming for victory number three. This one should prove to be the most difficult one, as United will be facing Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

After beating Partizan in Belgrade and Norwich at Carrow Road, it is time for the third match in a row on the road and in the third different competition. Man United will try to reach the EFL Cup quarterfinals against the team they have beaten 4-0 at the opening weekend of the season.

A lot of time has passed since, two and a half months, and it will be interesting to see what this match has in store for us. Here are the things we would like to see from Manchester United on Wednesday night.

Prove It Was Not A Lucky Win

The 4-0 beating of Chelsea in the first round of Premier League season was a somewhat lucky one. And it is something we have been saying ever since that match ended. In the end, United definitely deserved to win the match, but there were many things happening throughout that if someone had not watched the match at all, he would believe United smashed Chelsea from start to end.

But Chelsea were unlucky not to score a couple of times at 0-0, they were undone by a penalty and then United were saved a couple of more times with the opposition’s poor finishing. Then Chelsea’s shaky defence was way too open, almost inviting United to score goals.

Whilst, that is not something you could blame United for, there is definitely a lot of reason in saying United were lucky to win with such a huge margin. Now, it will be on Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team to prove that that was not just an odd day, but that United have the quality to beat Chelsea once again.

Continue The Improving Performances

Man United’s performances have been on the rise in the last week and it would be nice to see those performances can continue improving and, more importantly, that the team can consistently have such performances. Usually, it was about having a few flashes in between a lot of poor performances and that could start changing now.

Stop Tammy Abraham

Well, that is easier said than done, as Tammy Abraham started his season very well. He already has eight goals scored in Premier League and is in second place in that category, with just one goal less than Jamie Vardy. He has shown why he was talked up for the last couple of seasons – he is tall, pacey enough and strong, which makes him a dangerous player. But Man United centre-backs, Harry Maguire above all, could show they can get the better of him.

See Daniel James On The Scoresheet

This one is just for our taste. Daniel James started the season strongly in terms of scoring goals and we said that those three goals were a bit too much for the way he played. The Welshman has since gone on a bit of a colder run, although his performances have been mostly good, especially the last one against Norwich.

But now against Chelsea, it could be a perfect time for him to get on the scoresheet.

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