David Moyes Contract, Longstaff Interest And More Man United News

David Moyes Contract To Run Out

You all know it how the post-Fergie era started. It was David Moyes who was the chosen one, to succeed the legendary manager. Moyes did well at Everton to make them a very good, Premire League team, that even managed to get into Champions League. He got a six-year contract to work at Man United, to prove himself and… Well, he did not get anything else than that.

Moyes never really had any backing from the board, he got just one player to buy in the summer of 2013, Marouane Fellaini, when the squad was ageing and going in a downwards direction. The squad already needed a rebuild, but that rebuild never came. And then Moyes was sacked before he even managed to last a full season.

Fast forward more than five years, to the week when his initial contract is about to actually run out and you will see basically nothing changed. Man United are still in the same spot, whilst everyone else is surpassing them. Previous managers did not always have the full backing they needed, nor those appointments were properly planned. The squad was never overhauled, as much as it needed, and this summer does not seem to be an exception, but a rule.

It is symbolic to remember that time when Moyes was the manager, now that the famous June 2019 is about to end and see that football in general, has drastically changed from 2013, but Man United have still stayed the same. The lack of planning and progressive thinking is still an issue and it only remains a question when will things change.

The Sean Longstaff Conundrum

According to British media, Man United are still very much interested in signing Sean Longstaff from Newcastle United. But according to The Chronicle, the Devils still have not made an offer for the player, even though there are clear signals from Old Trafford that they would like to get him this summer.

But should Man United do that? Longstaff fits the narrative of signing young, hungry, British talent that will develop, but are Man United really in a situation when they can do that. After losing Ander Herrera and potentially losing Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku this summer, real quality is necessary to bring this team forward. And right now it does not seem like Longstaff would be just one of many signings. It is a breath of fresh air to see Devils think in a different way, but this still feels about too radical in the opposite direction from previous transfer windows.

Ozan Kabak To Join Schalke… Of Course

And a really short thing here to wrap things up. Remember when few days ago we wrote about Man United allegedly being linked with a move for Ozan Kabak, the 18-year-old Stuttgart centre-back. We were saying that unreliable sources were probably just eager to drive the player’s price up and… Well, Ozan Kabak is now set to join Schalke. Surprise, right? Not really.

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