Talking Numbers: A Closer Look Into Man United’s Another Poor Performance

Manchester United showed another disappointing display against Southampton. It was a perfect chance for making certain improvements from the match against Palace, but the Devils instead opted for all of the same mistakes they were making against Newcastle, Bournemouth and other teams. This time, however, Jose Mourinho’s team was unable to climb back from a big deficit and they had to be satisfied with a single point.

After a chaotic first half, which saw four goals, Man United’s second half display did not improve. After coming back from a two-goal deficit, it was expected to see a better display, but in the end it was all bland and meek again, as United had just one shot on target in those 45 minutes against one of the worst teams in the league this season.

Two Clean-Sheets, 2+ Conceded In Seven Matches

Manchester United have played 14 Premier League matches this season, which is exactly 36.84 percent of the season. We are past the first third of the campaign and the team has never been in top six places after full gameweeks and have a negative goal-difference. The match against Palace was only the second clean-sheet of the season, but the match against Southampton was seventh in these 14 games in which Man United conceded two or more goals.

The list is quite long to mention all the teams that have managed to put at least two goals past De Gea, but it is especially worrying when that does a team like Southampton. Their opening 20 minutes looked as if they were not one of the attacking-wise worst teams in the league over the past 18 months. That is what playing Man United does to teams these days.

Pogba Losing Possession Every 385 seconds

This was an incredible performance from Paul Pogba, but not in a positive way. A single stat tells you everything you need to know about the Frenchman’s wastefulness, as the member of the World Cup winning team lost possession staggering 14 times against Southampton! He played all 90 minutes of the match, but he managed to be responsible for almost half of the 30 possessions United lost in this match.

Having in mind he played the whole match – 90 minutes – we could say he was losing the ball every 6.43 minutes, or exactly per every 385 seconds he was on the pitch. Just think about that for a second.

Pogba did have five successful dribbles in this match, but United seldom got anything from those moves and the way he was losing some of the possessions in the middle of the park without ever tracking back was especially painful to watch.

Redmond’s Lively Display Tells A Lot

Nathan Redmond had one of his best performances this season come against Manchester United. He was lively from the start of the match, helping out in many areas of the game. Redmond created three chances for his teammates, had three successful dribbles to go with that, and four shots towards United’s goal, too.

He was one of the best players on the pitch, even though he did not record assist or a goal, which is really something considering he has been involved in just four goals since the start of last season. Almost 3200 minutes of football and Redmond has one goal and three assists in that timeframe, but against United he looked like a completely different player.

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