Report: Luke Shaw Close To Reach Extension Agreement With Manchester United

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Luke Shaw is about to get his big bounce-back season rewarded in a big-time way.

According to several reports, Shaw has been in talks with Manchester United’s officials to extend his tenure at Old Trafford for “the considerable future”, although there are no reports on how long this contract extension would be. Regardless, it’s quite a step forward for Shaw. Let’s remember he was basically out of the team only a few seasons ago.

This term, however, things have gotten a turn for the better here. Shaw started the 2018-19 season with a whole new attitude but more importantly, he was playing much better. Even in United’s most woeful displays – such as the defeats to Tottenham or Brighton – Shaw was always in good form. His improvements even allowed him to get back to the England national side.

Looking like a potential building block going forward?

Without a doubt, the former Southampton star has earned his place as a regular for Manchester United. In fact, it seems he has even convinced Mourinho of the quality of player that he is. That’s something quite hard to do… if not, just ask Anthony Martial. But things for Shaw have been different. He has emerged as a potential building block for the team going forward. Let’s face it: have stability on defence is a huge plus when looking to obtain success on a sustainable basis.

Plus, Shaw offers value on both ends of the pitch. On the attacking end, he is quite an asset since he can push forward with ease and his crossing has improved on a steady basis. But he is also a very good defender, something that is quite hard to find on some of the other world-class left-backs such as Marcelo and Jordi Alba, just to mention two. Shaw can thrive effectively on both ends of the pitch and if we consider he is only 23 years old, he still has several years before getting even remotely close to his prime.

Having him under control for the best years of his career should be a priority for Manchester United. Regardless of who’s the manager, players like Shaw just don’t grow on trees. Especially in that position, as The Red Devils would likely struggle to find a replacement in case Shaw decides to leave.

While the deal still needs to be sign, this is something Manchester United should do quickly. Top teams could easily start knocking on Shaw’s door soon, because there are not many world-class left-backs in the world at the moment. United have one, and they shouldn’t let him escape.

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