Which United players can get far at World Cup 2018?

David De Gea, Photo by Ardfern, CC BY-SA 4.0

The World Cup 2018 is just around the corner.

Per the usual with football tournaments, it is an excellent culmination of the demanding season for the top players to show their worth, and another opportunity for fans to see some more action. Surely, Manchester United supporters would like to see their favourites shine at this prestigious event.

Right now, Jose Mourinho’s team has 11 representatives selected for the championships in Russia, with Anthony Martial on the waiting list for France. Meanwhile, when it comes to the French squad, many eyes will be looking at Paul Pogba as he has a good chance to end up in the final. To see him performing well, both at the club and in the national team, is something everybody eagerly awaits. The expectations are also huge for the Belgians who are yet to show their real abilities. Perhaps this is the time they finally live up to the potential. If so, Romelu Lukaku and Marouane Fellaini will be a significant part of that.

For the good of the club, having a few English representatives competing at the highest level may improve the squad consolidation. As Jesse Lingard, Ashley Young, Phil Jones, and Marcus Rashford are all coming to Russia, every Red Devil fan at the United Kingdom will undoubtedly be rooting for them. They might not be among the top candidates to take home the trophy, but that doesn’t mean a surprise is impossible. Then there’s Marcus Rojo in Argentina, which is always considered title contenders at major tournaments and often fall just a little bit short.

Finally, our super goalie David de Gea might bring us, and the Spanish team, a lot of joy during the World Cup as there likely isn’t anyone who would challenge his skills. Everyone knows how much of a critical player he is for the Mourinho side and Spanish national team. It is reflected on the scoreline, in various statistics and easily noticeable when his opposition can get through. His profile is also important to the gaming community, which is a growing and promising industry, as evidenced bythe Esports Champions by Unibet page. With the overall score of 91, de Gea is a top-ranked player among his country’s teammates in the newest FIFA 18 World Cup ratings.

No wonder the hopes are set quite high in this case.

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  1. Could go all the way

    DDG, Lukaku, Rojo, Pogba

    Quarter Finals or Better


    Home by the 4th of July

    Rashford, Young, Lingard & Jones

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