Talking Numbers: Jesse Lingard Is On The Rise

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Jesse Lingard continued to improve with another great performance on Monday. The Englishman scored in a 2-0 win at Everton, continuing his good form in the last month and a half.

Since 28 November 2017, Manchester United played nine matches and Lingard made produced a goal in six of them. He scored seven goals and made two assists in the process. Lingard also earned United five points directly with his goals. He finally looks like a player everyone thought he could become a few years ago.

Lingard was mostly described as a player who likes big matches, scoring in FA Cup final and League Cup final. But that is not the case this season. Jose Mourinho found a way how to deploy the 25-year old and to get the most out of him.

How Good Are His Numbers?

Since then, Lingard has been Mourinho’s go to man. He made 18 appearances in Premier League this term, but played only 924 minutes. That is 10.27 full 90-minute matches, which only shows how little playing time he was getting in early months of the season.

But his numbers are improving with every match. His involvement in 11 goals means he scores or assists 1.07 goals per 90 minutes. That is an astonishing output and no wonder Juan Mata and his other teams have been publicly praising him. His movement offers a lot to this team, creating space for others, but his direct output is not worse because of that.

That means his goals per 90 is 0.68, a great number for any striker in Europe. His assists are therefore 0.39, another world class number. But what is also worth pointing out is his shooting.

Lingard Is Not Only About The Goals And Assists

He made 29 shots, which is not a great number – 2.82 per 90 – but 19 of them were on target. That means his shooting percentage is 65.52. Basically, two out of three of his shots are going on target. When you know he scored seven goals from those 29 shots, his conversion ratio is also world class – 24.14 percent!

Of course, these numbers are skewed by his great recent form and too many minutes played on the pitch. His passing has been also very good. His current passing percentage is 87 and he is not losing the ball very often.

Quite opposite. He is losing 0.97 possessions per 90 minutes, a really low number. That means Lingard is to be relied upon in attacking actions. Not only is he producing a lot with his movement, but the players around him do not have to worry too much.

Manchester United To Continue Using Lingard As A Number 10

Lingard is also completing 1.56 dribbles per 90 minutes. That is an average number, but it is to be expected because of his position on the pitch. Lingard is playing as a number 10, behind a striker and he has less space than wingers do. It is easier for wingers to complete dribbles, so this number is not so bad when you put it into perspective.

We will see how good Lingard will be in the remainder of the season. He has been exceptional in recent months and hopefully he will only continue.

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