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Manchester United signed a new goalkeeper this week; rarely has a signing been greeted with such a sense of trepidation. Sure, a little excitement about our unknown quantity, but more a growing realisation that this will be Edwin van der Sar’s last season at the club. Stretford-End.com dug to discover a little more about our new acquisition, with new blogging project “False10.com” editor and Norwegian football correspondent Preben Walle.

First of all, Preben tells us a little about our new man in general.

Anders has come on leaps and bounce since he arrived at AAFK back in 2009, not just his base attributes, but also in terms of maturity. When he first came to Norway there was a certain uncertainty about him, and he made the odd mistake. The last two seasons though, he has been the best keeper in Norway. That’s undisputable. In terms of his strength, it’s definitely his shot-stopping ability along with the way he commands his backline that stands out. Also worth mentioning is his aerial abilities, and also his decision-making has seen incredible improvements. Weakness-wise, it’s his foot-work that concerns me the most. Not that he has made any real mistakes, but that’s largely down to AAFK’s playing-style which is to play the ball long at any opportunity. That’s definitely something that needs a bit of work in my eyes. Apart from that, he is a very solid goalkeeper.

Yolkie : Should the signing concern United supporters such as your and myself that this spells the end for van der Sar?

Preben : I have never seen Anders as a first-team choice right away. He will need time to adapt, both on, and off the field. So, yes, if this is Fergie’s only signing, we should be a tad worried. However, I’m certain that Anders will deliver at the highest level, eventually.

Yolkie: Peter Schmeichel’s opinion about him reached the wider audience this week; should we pay heed to him?

Preben : Short answer: No. Form your own opinion when you have seen Lindegaard play. He resembles Peter in so many ways, so it’s inevitable that they will be compared, both in terms of appearance and their playing style. I just hope this doesn’t put unnecessary pressure on him. Also worth mentioning that it looks as though he has finally broken into the Danish national-team, and he was really impressive against Portugal.

Yolkie : How ready is he for the first team?

Preben : As I said earlier, I don’t think he will be able to walk straight in as number 1. Mind, I did say Chicharito wasn’t ready…

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  1. I am slightly reassured by this!

    However you seem to have left out vital information such as: does Lindy have a girlfriend? What’s his favourite Beegees song? & does he like his pancaked with or without chocolate chips?

  2. Oh, my bad. He’s not got a girlfriend, they broke up earlier this summer after 6 and a half years together. As for the Bee Gees, no one really likes them, do they? (Prepares for bashing).

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