29.07.10 Stretty Stories

For those of your were who busy sleeping last night, you missed a fantastic match. Manchester United beat the MLS All-Stars, with Chicharito netting his debut goal. All other news involves Sir Alex; he’s defended the Glazers, once again backed the youth, and given some advice to his future successor.

For those of you who did stay up to watch the match, we have an obvious poll question today…

Manchester United cruise to 5-2 victory against MLS All-Stars

If you didn’t stay up to watch the match, seriously go find highlights immediately. Cleverly’s goal alone is worth it. The young midfielder scored an absolutely beautiful goal, and his overall performance should give Sir Alex a dilemma as to whether or not he should send him on loan. And, of course, Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scored a beautiful chip in his debut. He looked as if he may have been offsides, but we won’t hold that against him. Coming off a disappointing performance in Kansas City, this was exactly the type of showing I was looking for. They were full of energy and their passing looked much better. The finest players in Major League Soccer never once looked like they were on the same level. Definitely a promising performance as the Premier League season draws closers.

Sir Alex hits out at fans’ criticism of Glazers – The Guardian

It’s no secret that United fans despise the Glazers, and now Sir Alex has stepped up to defend the club’s owners. He insisted he’s always had the owners’ support and they’ve never refused him when he’s wanted to pursue a player. I’m going to suggest a rather controversial idea – maybe Sir Alex really does have funds available and he sincerely believes in this squad’s ability to be successful. I don’t know how much money is available to him, to be honest no one does. It’s all speculation, although I will admit it’s educated speculation for the most part. I’m no fan of the Glazers, but maybe Sir Alex really does have the necessary funds. I was certainly impressed with how the youngsters performed last night against the MLS’ finest. Maybe their really is potential from within our ranks already that there is no need to enter the market.

Fergie: The kids will be my legacy when I quit United – The Daily Mirror

Some people are hoping for a big signing this summer (and I’ll admit a new signing would excite me), but I really like the faith Sir Alex has shown in the club’s youth. Despite all the success he has had at the club, he believes the youth will prove to be his legacy. When he retires, Sir Alex believes that with today’s youth he will be leaving the club in good hands. Speaking of when Sir Alex decides to call it a day, he also said that his successor cannot afford to be intimidated by the club’s accomplishments. Just as playing for United must be incredibly daunting, I can’t imagine being the man who takes over at Old Trafford following Sir Alex’s departure. The gaffer has been around since before I was born and won an unbelievable amount of trophies in his tenure. Whoever replaces him will have some big shoes to fill; let’s hope he isn’t to shaken by the success of his predecessor.

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3 Comments on 29.07.10 Stretty Stories

  1. I’ve not seen the highlights yet but the thing that pleased me most about the result was who scored the goals. A friendly or not, it’s nice to see Kiko, Cleverly, Hernandez and (to a lesser extent) Gibson get on the scoresheet.

  2. I think theres a chance he actually does have the funds too but it doesnt chnage anything. The Glazers are sitll destroying the club and must be forced out

  3. The standard of goals were class. I wonder what the pecking order in terms of strikers will be next season? Rooney, Berba, Chicarito, Macheda. That order? What a goal by Cleverly by the way!

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