Luis Nani is finally starting to live up to his potential

Luis Nani

You’ve seen it before – a right sided player is jockeyed by two players, he performs a ludicrous Cruyff before wrong footing the opposing player and delivers a cross to the far post, which is bundled in by the out of sorts keeper. Garrincha I hear you say? Or perhaps Luis Figo? Nope – Luis Nani today showed the whole world his quality, determination and class by putting on a mesmerising show at the Emirates today.

I have never been the biggest fan of Nani, but only in terms of him being ‘the next Ronaldo’. He never was going to be the next Ronaldo, nor never will. However, you can not take away from him the class he showed today to help open the scoring at Arsenal. His trickery and skill were all on show today but also an urgency to attack, which is something that I have always cited as his biggest weakness. He broke at pace to setup Wayne Rooney for the second. There was to be no hesitation, no checking inside but a determination and drive to get forward and attack.

I would like to think that I am not fickle, I tend to stick to my initial views – which could actually make me slightly narrow minded. However, my earlier criticism of Nani was shared by many Reds and obviously Sir Alex Ferguson, who keep him out of the first team for a while. Coming back into the side and performing like he has done recently shows great determination, grit and a fire in the belly that I didn’t know he had. We were linked with Angel DI Maria last month and there were reports Nani was offered up in exchange. We ran a poll and the result was quite surprising. Possibly caught up in transfer window hysteria, but a massive 93% of you (566 voters) wanted to get Di Maria in at the expense of Nani. I’m sure a lot of you, including myself, will be pleased that you initial vote didn’t materialise and I’m hoping that we’ll see many more performances like that from Luis Nani.

Nani obviously shares our opinion that he performed well today with his post match comments:

“I think that was my best game. I played well, scoring and getting an assist. It was a fantastic performance from the team and I was so happy to help. I’m working hard every day to be fit for the team. I want to help the team play well. I can feel the confidence of my team-mates, the fans and the manager. I’m so happy and want to continue this good form.”

Sir Alex Ferguson is also heaping praise on the Portuguese winger:

“His last three games have been absolutely first class and today was his best. It’s difficult to say why we’re seeing his best form now, but maybe maturity is one reason. He’s 23 now. He’s a very shy boy, and maybe his personality is getting stronger and better for dealing with playing for us every week. Today was an example of that maturity.”

5 Comments on Luis Nani is finally starting to live up to his potential

  1. I never doubted him. not for a minute!

    I only questioned his ethics. His ambitions.

    And God! now that he’s landed like a plane – who’s watching?

    I am so happy for the kid. He was nearly almost being voice-shipped into extinct. And that his long shot pass to Rooney for the win @hull, is quite simply majestic.

    I think we can say welcome home to L.Nani.

    + I dont get this thing about Ronaldo that everyone seems to go about.

    I am willing to bet, tht if this kid is willing to focus nearly half as much as Ronaldo was reported to have done,
    he will be L.Nani – the great. In himself.

    You dont replace a king (even if ronaldo never quite was). You succeed ’em.

    :/rant over.

  2. And what’s with ol ths crap that nani’s goal is almunia’s own goal?..if always goals tht had the last touch of a keeper are own goals then evry season keepers would b the top scorers..jeeeez

  3. I have to admit that I didn’t think Nani would make it at United. Even after a couple of good recent performances I thought it was most likely another false dawn. But yesterday I changed my mind.

  4. Brilliant Nani, finally he is starting to show why SAF paid millions to get him at OT..I was beginning to think that he is going to turn out a flop like JS Veron or the next Kleberson..If he continues like this he can be a great for Man U..I jst hope he does nt do a Ronaldo on us then..And i jst hope its not a false dawn..Where we r all so hopeful of him and he turns out to b a moody bloke..Only time will answer all these questions..For now salutations to Nani..Brilliant Nani..

  5. Simply put i think Nani plays well on the right than when he’s played at left wing. its gonna be good to see how the Nani/valencia duel shapes out on the right and the Park/Obertan on the left. Nani’s arrival on the united deck means more depth for SAF. if we can only get that final piece upfront in the name of Benzema for Berbaflop, next season will be hell for all comers

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