Wenger: Arsenal are stronger than United

Arsene Wenger sent off at Old Trafford

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has claimed that his Arsenal team is ‘stronger’ than both Manchester United and Manchester City – despite losing to both teams within the past month. Wenger believes that on the basis of those matches – in which Arsenal conceded six goals and scored three – Arsenal have a claim to be the stronger team. Wenger also cited injuries to key players being a main factor.

The Arsenal boss was quoted as saying:

“There is a belief after the games against Manchester United and Manchester City that we are stronger than them, we have to transfer that into points and wins. I am not talking about the whole package, but on the basis of that match we should not have any inferiority complex. We’ll see when the season ends. I had £30m in the summer, and I spent £10m on Vermaelen. Apart from that I did not want to buy. We have an unbelievable squad. Against Wigan, Bendtner was on the bench, Walcott, Arshavin, Nasri, Denilson did not play.”

Now – I know we’ll get the old ‘Wenger is the best manager that ever graced the earth’ and ‘Rooney dived‘ – but I think it quite a ridiculous comment. I agree that Arsenal should have got a point at Old Trafford three weeks ago – however, the same could have been said when United went to the Emirates last November and came away empty handed after a 2-1 defeat.

Most Arsenal fans will also admit that they need a holding midfielder and a goalkeeper – whilst Gael Clichy is still prone to losing concentration at critical moments – Arsenal are far from a perfect team. Unfortunately, the ugly commercialization of football has benefited Manchester City and although Arsenal play a much superior brand of football – they can’t compete financially (same as United) with City. United on the other hand have a great squad and an impressive number of youngsters on the way through.

Should Wenger have got something out of the game at Old Trafford? Yes, I think a draw was a fair result – but to state that Arsenal are ‘stronger’ than United is tad delusional if you ask me.

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  1. I wonder where you got your quotes from? I have the below, as the actual quote?

    “You know, we came out of the two games at Man City and Man United with a feeling that we have massive potential and that this season was about how much we make of our potential, not how good we are.

    “That’s the feeling we got out of the two games and that’s what we want to transform – our potential into a realistic option to win the Premiership.”

  2. “Should’ve got a point.”

    You got a mullering- Foster’s excellent save from Van Persie prevented a thrashing. The best team lost- perhaps that’s what Wenger was alluding to…?

  3. Its from a reliable United source – however as it wasn’t officially from an Arsenal, i’m up for a good debate. 🙂

    Where did you get your quote from? Is it the same press conference as the Chamakh debate?

  4. Ahh…poor little bubbas! You worried nasty little Wenger is going to take your trophy!? You were sh1t against us and you will be finishing third this season!

  5. Wandarah. Any decent Manc would never let the truth get in the way of their bigotry so forget this site if you want honesty and balance. I was at the Emirates game last year though and thought that Man Utd had a decent last 20 minutes or so and scored a great goal. But they never got close to deserving a draw purely on the balance of play. Then again, matches are seldom decided on this as Man utd know well.

  6. Adam – Disappointed with your comments. We always try and produce a fair argument towards the balance of a game and yes of course there is always going to be a biased towards the result of the game – but considering we had 23 shots to your 15 I think that the comment had some legs.

    The feeling I get is that most Arsenal fans don’t listen to anything else unless its praise. I’ve said that I thought Arsenal deserved a draw as I thought United game out and played well in the second half. Asmo spoke about Foster’s save – isn’t that what he is suppose to do? Also I thought he should have got a stronger hand to Arshavin’s strike.

    I just hate this ‘We are brilliant you’re shit’ attitude all the time.

  7. Adam – “forget this site if you want honesty and balance”.

    Why do you say this? Is it just a throwaway comment or did we do something to upset you?

    Regarding the quotes, whether they were said or implied is just ridiculous and really another counter effect of how the media panders to Arsenal.

    The truth is in this season’s fixture we were dreadful for 55 minutes and were at sixes and sevens just after the break defensively. However this has nothing to do with Arsenal’s performance, more our own shortcomings.

    This showed itself in the fact that once we began to get ourselves together the victory was pretty straightforward and after the second goal we could have gone on to get another, well at least one if not two.

    That does not to me seem like a game against someone who could be considered anywhere near our equal.

    Yet because WE were unconvincing it’s portrayed as some Arsenal masterclass, which is wrong.

    It isn’t a big deal as long as we are winning trophies but it’s these kind of comments and mindsets that lead to the muppets who believe Pires and Overmars were better than Giggs, Vieira better than Keane etc.

  8. Come on, Arsenal deserved a point.

    Do me a favour, had Van Persie scored that would have ended 3 or 4 nil Arsenal. Ut’d goals came from Arsenal shooting themselves in the foot, otherwise United were toothless and outclassed by a much weakened Arsenal team missing Walcott, Nasri and Arshavin later in the game. United got lucky to get anything.

  9. Darren.

    Had Van Persie scored? I’d also add:

    Had Almunia not brought down Wayne Rooney.
    Had Diaby not foolishly headed the ball into his own goal.
    Had United replicated their first half display.
    Had Wenger purchased a defensive midfielder to occupy the movement of Giggs in the second half.

    Then yes you’d have definitely won. I’d also like to add that Berbatov completely scuffed a shot and Nani should also have scored – you will (of course as usual) argue that Arsenal were chasing the game. But does it not concern you that Arsenal are so completely vulnerable to the counter attack as proved by those two chances and in the Citeh game?

    Or should I just say ‘Arsenal are great’?

  10. “Outclassed” – this is exactly what I’m talking about. I think you shaded possession but in all other areas the stats are in United’s favour. Not that I’m a big fan of stats but it generally backs up my point. Just because we were pants for the best part of an hour does not neccessarily mean Arsenal were playing amazing. I would have thought that this much was evident as soon as we started to up our game, Arsenal crumbled.

    The 3 or 4 nil comment is, with all due respect, speculative bullsh*t with nothing at all to back it up.

    However of course, with the own goal, we did get lucky. Did Arsenal deserve anything from the game? You seem to think so, but any team that scores more goals than the opposition ultimately deserves the points. On the balance of play I would say a draw would probably have reflected the game better but again that was due to how awful we were for the best part of that first hour.

    “Much weakened Arsenal team”. van der Sar, Rafael, Ferdinand, Hargreaves. A half fit centre half in Brown. I’ve no problem with anyone using injuries but at least balance it out, especially when Arsenal’s goal was probably in no small part thanks to the absence of two of those players.

  11. Fairly based argument id say, Pretty much every Arsenal fan that goes regulary would say we are still lacking a top quality dm and the same in goal but there dosent seem to be a great deal on the market in those positions at this moment in time, Thought we should have won at your gaff but didnt and thats what will hinder us this year as we seem to fall apart as soon as we conceed a goal, going forward id rather have our midfield and attack over yours but we are still very naieve defensivley where as you are pretty strong, Still think your finish above us but we will be alot closer this season and can see the signs of a great squad being re built and shouldnt be to long before we are atually winning trophies again,

  12. I don’t really understand the need for this article. Wenger was merely making the point that from those two games where we held our own and probably deserved something we can hold our head up and reckon we can come ahead of you this year.

    What is so wrong with that? I personally don’t see too much difference between ourselves and you and we are certainly very much closer than last year. Obviously you don’t agree with Wenger, but it seems like pretty obvious manager talk to me so not really deserving of a whole article IMO.

  13. Thanks Chippy – good points there and a fair assessment of the situation. How long more is Arshavin out for?

    GoonerC – thats debatable really – of course Wenger is going to state that his side is better, but it is strange to come out with a comment like that just after being beaten by the two clubs in question. The article has created a platform for some debate – although having assessed some of the comments, you may have a point.

  14. This is not the actual quote its very similar to an Interview held after the Manchester United game. And sp what I to beleive we are strionger than United despite us not getting the points.. even a draw would have been disapointing .. but we ended up with nothing at all. As for your comments about the game not reflecting Arsenals strength and it was simply an ‘off day’ i wonder.. United sent out a defensive formation on OldTrafford to break down our atacking .. this is on Old trafford mate and you were outplayed.. I simply dont understand how you can credit Diabys owngoal ,and Almunias idiocy (had he been smarter Rooneys dive would have been well exposed) as some United Brilliance .

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