Open letter to England fans – Re: Rooney

On behalf of every Manchester United fan;

Dear England supporters,

Please continue to identify Wayne Rooney as the reason the national team are rubbish. Please continue to classify him as “crap”, and please continue to demonstrate your lack of football knowledge in the process.

We all remember what happened the last time you made a United player the scapegoat, ridiculing his “supposed technical superiority”. You wanted Frank Lampard at the expense of Paul Scholes, you got him with Scholesy on the left wing. Scholes had enough and you spent the last 4 years begging for the Ginger Prince back and the last 1 booing FFL. In the time since, Scholes had barely misplaced a pass for United while Lampard has rarely completed one in the national team. Scholes can still outplay any midfielder in the league, and has just won a European Cup.

I’m sure Wayne himself will be dismayed by the misdirected criticsm, clearly being one of the very few players who actually plays with the heart you want in a 3 lions shirt – almost twenty goals and just as many assists in an injury ravaged season, despite playing out of position for most of the campaign, and despite not taking any goal-scoring set-piece opportunities, may seem to some as a pretty decent return, but not to all-knowing England fans. We Manchester United fans recognised him as perhaps the most vital component of our successful Premier League and European Cup campaign, and as such, we’d like it if he wasn’t taken to World Cups with broken feet then portrayed as costing England the trophy. I’m sure in time young Wayne himself would come to terms with it. And in time, the ones who lose out are the morons who pathetically singled out the most naturally talented domestic footballer since Scholes simply because he plays for United.

In closing, please be satisfied with Joe “most technically gifted Englishman” Cole, please be satisfied with Stevie “hero” G (who’s going to set up all his shots when the hopelessly un-creative Rooney is forced to retire?), we’ll make do with Wayne Rooney scoring those everyday 30 yard chips against David James. Just like every English player can. Oh… wait..


By Yolkie

3 Comments on Open letter to England fans – Re: Rooney

  1. Yes, he’s such a talisman of skill and virtue who always comes to the fore when needed and never gets sent off at the most vital time for being a petulant little dweeb.

  2. Dear Misguided Fool

    It’s quite apparent that you cannot see beyond Manure and you’re so called supremacy

    You’re also very boring

    In simple terms – shut up


    Mr Millwall

  3. League 1’s where its at –

    This is what I mean to be fair mate. The Norn’ Ireland debacle was admittedly bad but the 2006 WC was a culmination of events – being taken to the tournament with a broken foot and no game in almost 2 months, being played as a lone striker, and then getting (in my opinion) very harshly sent off. Had that been any other player, or had Rooney played for any other team, you wouldn’t be making the comment. It’s quite ironic that most fans who are non-United seem to hold your opinion yet they still booed Ronaldo after that happened.

    Dear Uncle Millwall,

    On a Manchester United site I am expected to contribute about Manchester United and their players.

    If that bores you, don’t visit a Manchester United website just to post crap.

    So called supremacy? I must have missed last season. …


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