Ronaldo….So whats it gonna be?

Everyone that reads this blog, forum, site (whatever part you read) knows that we are a big fan of the Portuguese magician in terms of ability – but in terms of integrity and loyalty, the boy has a lot of growing up to do. We tend to see two Ronaldo’s at Old Trafford. The Viva Ronaldo we love, tearing down the wing and making a mockery of the opposing full backs game plan and then there is the other Cristiano Ronaldo, the one that usually comes out when he’s with the national side, that become a tad pretentious and slightly pompous.

There is no question that to be that good you have to have an ego the size of the river seven bridge (trust me driving to the Millennium stadium – that bridge is long) and your arrogance shines through on the pitch which rallies up the fans, especially if its against Liverpool. But the way in which he’s conducted himself since the final in Moscow has been nothing short of appalling. Opposing fans will get on their high horse, claiming ‘he owes you nothing’, or ‘it happens to everyone – get over it’ but to honest I don’t really care what opposing fans think – every decent human being knows something about respect and loyalty, two qualities which seem to have averted the large arsenal of powers that Ronaldo has. Although these two qualities should be familiar to Ronaldo considering he played with a player that had the two in abundance – Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is a well publicised legend at Old Trafford . That goal in the Nou Camp nine years ago, the professionalism and attitude that allowed him to score 126 goals for the Reds since 1996. Although widely reported at the time, Solskjaer has recently admitted that Tottenham came in for him in 1998; a time when he was second choice to Sheringham and Cole. This speaks volume for the man; that he was content at Old Trafford and fought for his place, which would eventually place him in the Manchester United history books. Solskjaer, although not as naturally talented as Ronaldo, provided versatility and quite possibly one of the top three finishers the Stretford End had ever seen. He is sadly missed at Old Trafford but everyone is aware of the good work he is doing behind the scenes.

Ronaldo has time and time this month failed to declare what he wants to do next season – citing his national team’s chance as more important than talking about his future. Fair enough about his nation – it’s been obvious since 2003 that he is passionate about Portugal and being the footballer that he is he should be competing at the highest level of international football. But what about the club and city that he has departed after such a wonder season? Ronaldo owes Fergie some loyalty and above all a public display of affection for the club that helped nurture the talent that he has today. He’s had a number of troubled times at United and from my understanding the club stood by him and helped him through difficult times.

If you want to stay say it. If you want to go say it. Just don’t drag this out so that it’s ‘all about Ronaldo’ and maybe have a look at your former team mate who could teach you a thing or two about integrity.

The legend of Old Trafford….alongside Ronaldo.

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  1. You know what I think about mischief making by the media, I’ve said it many times on this site.

    Ronaldo did initially say straight after the final, live to millions or even billions worldwide, that he was staying. How could he leave? His words.

    Surely, the media could stop there. He’s publicly answered. But no, United have won the double, and we can’t have that happening again. They also made a pledge to sign Fabregas – are we seeing bombardment on Fabregas? No, we’re not, because Arsenal are close to being a good side again, and Chelsea can buy the title again, only one obstacle stands in their way, to the outsiders. The media are probably incensed that Ferguson has once again proved himself the best manager of all time.

    Now, I’m not saying Ronaldo is blameless, I have also made it clear that I’m appalled at the lack of respect he is showing United fans by not making a clear statement. But let’s be honest, he’s at the best club in the world at the moment, being chased by arguably the most glamourous club. You are of course right about integrity, he has a lot to learn but to be fair – we have been spoiled by the legends in the mould of Charlton, Best, Giggs, Cantona and Scholes. All of the above, particularly Giggs and Scholes, would have been welcome in any club in the world, but never even courted it. I remember back in 94, Milan were linked with a £20m move for Giggs – unheard of back in those days – it wasn’t even shrugged off, it was that far away from a possibility.

    I’ve gone on a bit here so I’ll close with a reminder. 10 years ago we were faced with a dilemma over offering arguably our best player a new contract. These negotations laboured for 6 months until Keane finally signed his contract, then led us to the treble. He’d made no secret of his desire to play for Celtic at some point in his career, but after the board finally gave Keane the contract he deserved, he went onto captain United to the treble – in total, 4 Premier Leagues, 2 FA Cups, a European Cup and an Intercontinental Cup, in the 5 years of the contract extension.

    That’s more of a reminder for Ronaldo than it is for United.

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