Concerned about our play?

We’ve won the last 3 games 1-0 and received some criticism regarding our performances. I would hardly call it Catennacio or (even more worryingly) Chelski’s style of play – but something is missing from our swashbuckling displays of last season where we simply blew away a number of teams because they just could not compete with us. Have teams become even more defensive against us or have we been wasteful in front of goal? I think it could be a bit of both. Firstly, any team visiting Old Trafford will usually play with one man up top and try to hit us on the counter attack. This allows us to play higher up the pitch, so Vidic and (most usually) Ferdinand can progress forward. The movement of Ronaldo, Rooney and Giggs was vital to our progression last season and I don’t believe it is any coincidence that we have suffered because of Rooney and Ronaldo’s absence.

Tevez has come under a lot of criticism also with his hardly electrifying performances. I believe that he needs more time to settle into the team. I really don’t think we can judge him too soon. He really will be an excellent signing even if he has yet to score. The addition of Ronaldo and Rooney to the starting lineup will surely take a lot of the pressure off him to perform and will be grateful for the movement and athleticism that both players bring to the fold.

So are you concerned by the recent performances (even though we have averaged 60% of the ball)? Are you worried that our recent trend of 1-0 victories will be something of the future? And lastly do you believe that Tevez will fit into the fold or do you think his purchase was a big mistake? We look forward to hearing from you either in the comments section or via e-mail (

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