Giuseppe Rossi leaves for £7 Million

The inevitable transfer of our young starlet happened last night to what now looks like our feeder team for strikers. Villarreal sold Forlan earlier in the summer and needed a ready made replacement and they seem to have found one in Giuseppe Rossi. Quick, two good feet and very good finisher for his age, Rossi seemed destined to have a full and long career at Old Trafford.

Sadly for him and a number of fans who saw him develop since his 2004 move from Parma he will not get that chance as Fergie offloaded him to the Spanish club. Good piece of business for a player that we signed for free or an impulsive act? Rossi’s first team appearances where limited at Old Trafford and only made five first team appearances in a 3 year spell.

Where we expecting too much from him physically? After all we are now used to the likes of a Ronaldo/Rooney physique at a young age. Ronaldo and Rooney are two years older than Rossi but in terms of being physically ready for the Premiership are miles ahead.

I believe Rossi would have made a valuable asset to the side in years to come, but £7 Million for a player that has not played many games for us is a decent piece of business. What I mean by ‘playing many games’ is that he can’t be considered a valuable part of the side although has an abundance of potential. But how long can a manager wait? Rossi hasn’t really grown since he first came to England and you could question whether he can handle what some Premiership players dish out.

I would have liked to have seen him maybe go out another year on loan and then re-assess the situation next summer. Fergie obviously believes his chances will be limited after the signings of Anderson and Nani and decided to cash in on the promising youngster. Villarreal seem to do pretty well with out former strikers and I see this transfer being no exception.

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