United announce pre-season tour squad and shirt numbers

United on tour 2010/11

AUTHOR: – Doron

Man United travel to America on Monday to start their pre-season tour. New signing, Ashley Young will be part of the initial 21 man squad and will wear the number 18 shirt next season. Six other players will be joining the squad later but there are some notable absentees.

United play their first game of the pre-season tour against New England Revolution on Wednesday and fly out on Monday. The tour squad has been announced with 21 players in the travelling party:

Goalkeepers: Ben Amos, Sam Johnstone, Anders Lindegaard
Defenders: Rafael, Fabio, Patrice Evra, Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic, Jonny Evans
Midfielders: Michael Carrick, Anderson, Ryan Giggs, Ji-sung Park, Gabriel Obertan, Nani, Ashley Young
Forwards: Mame Biram Diouf, Kiko Macheda, Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen, Dimitar Berbatov

There will be six players joining the tour later having had an extended summer break due to international commitments. They are: Chris Smalling, Danny Welbeck, Tom Cleverley, Chicharito and new signings David de Gea and Phil Jones.

The club have confirmed the squad numbers that the trio of new signings will wear next season: De Gea – 1; Jones – 4; and Young – 18.

There is a great chance for young talented goalkeeper Sam Johnstone to get some first team action having already been in first team squads before; whilst Amos and Lindegaard will stake their claims before De Gea joins up. Defensively the initial squad is a bit thin so there may be plenty of entertaining attacking football on show.

There are some notable absentees however. Darren Fletcher doesn’t travel, no reason has been offered as to why. Darron Gibson and Tomasz Kuszczak are also not on the squad list and both are expected to leave the club this summer.

AUTHOR: – Doron

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46 Comments on United announce pre-season tour squad and shirt numbers

  1. Berbatov is travelling with Man United to the Pre-Season tour…..I am happy…..thank you Manchester United

  2. Hugely disappointed that none of the talented youngsters are going on the tour. I would of really liked to see the likes of Pogba and Morrison play but thats obviously not going to happen.

  3. @JB

    The tour squad is big enough as it is… whilst it would be nice to see them go, they’re not going to start the season in the first team so it would be odd to take them with

  4. I’m not sure whether this is the place for it or not but look at how poor that midfield is . i hope for our sake barcelona are still on their holidays when they play us or we are going to be truly embarassed. that midfield has 1 and a half central midfielders the half being anderson . are we going to pioneer some new formation which involves purely playing wingers. I will reserve judgement on our summer dealings till the end of the transfer window i guess to see if anythimg changes. The fact that we are still relying on giggs at 38 says it all.

    as a side point im not sure im too impressed with young being given scholes’s number and if his arrival leads to nani leaving im going to be even more disturbed.

  5. SvP pui-je savoire ou ce trouve les jeune tallent tel que Pogba,Ravel M,et pour quoi le prete Ryan-Tu….?

  6. @John

    Interesting stuff. Personally I don’t see Nani leaving. Really would be surprised. Very odd to see Young in 18 but then again, Carrick was given 16 and Owen has 7. Just a number at the end of the day (although will take some getting used to)

  7. SvP Fergie enlever Anderson ds notre effectife,quelqu’un peut me dire quel poste il joue cet Anderson.,please je ne ses pa ds poste il peut bien evoluer,si ces un millieu de ffensife il es nulle,millieu offenssif il est nulle,attaque nulle,organisateur plus nulle encore,.Pardon amaine les enfants tel que Pogba,Ravel Moris…..eux qu’a meme connaissent leus poste

  8. @Garan

    I think Anderson has had a hard time. He’s had injuries that have meant he’s never had a consistent run in the team. As for his best position, who knows?! I’d like to see him used behind a striker or as a box-to-box player. Ferguson has messed around with him too much. First thing is to let him have a good injury-free pre-season. As far as I can remember, he’s never completed a full pre-season with us so that would be a big boost.

  9. Do not you think that with the middle ground as Michael Carrick, Anderson, Ryan Giggs, could have resisted even against the big club, I board What is really scared by redicullise club like Barca or other …

  10. @Garan

    I understand what you’re saying, however… we don’t play Barca every week. The main challenge is still provided in the form of the the Premier League and for now, United are ok on that front. I do think a CM will still be signed though, maybe even two.

  11. Good news and bad news in this article. 1st the good news: Gibson will probably leave Utd. Bad part: Evans , Park, Obertan et el still to hang around like bad smell?

  12. I think u guys shld b happy that barren fletcher is not travellin’ wit d squad considering d kind of s*** player he is.

  13. @nameonthetrophy. The fact that there’s only 2 recognised CM’s in the squad makes it even more disappointing that the likes of Pogba, Morrison or even Petrucci are not included. I know that Cleverley will join up later but who’s going to play in the middle? A 38 year old Giggs or Park? Even if they went and only played a few games the whole experience would be great for them.

  14. Matt James was to travel with the squad but picked up an injury on Thursday. Great prospect for te reds and will defiantly wear the red shirt.

  15. @JB

    Well Pogba and Morrison simply aren’t ready and given that they’re not going to start the season playing, it would seem silly to bring them. They’re best to play pre-season with the Reserves. Petrucci is all about fitness, bringing him would have made no sense.

  16. Am happy with the squad makes the drive down Seattle worth it (not that just seeing isnt enough)would have been to see the little pea am just so looking foreword to seeing them

  17. our back is okay! But that mid-field can not even win the weakest side in europe.plz i was personally embarassed by barca display,our downfall started nd ended on the midfield as xavi nd co colonized it lk britain colonized Nigeria.this is d best time to do something about that midfield,there is nobody there.

  18. @John Tring — July 9, 2011 @ 11:41 am

    Gibson isnt a bad player.. granted orbertan has yet to impress and the way he is goin he wont.. but if you think we need to get rid of park your a nob.. maby in a few years time if he loses his stamina and cant do the running he is able to now.. And gibson does take a serious freekick.. He will leave and impress on which ever club he goes to next..

    P.S Is it just me or doesnt anyone else this how fucked up it is how cheap we are letting sum players go for..

  19. @nameonthetrophy Yea maby your right but we are selling players who have helped us win countless trophies.. i just think we could have gotten a little more for brown and o`shea.. where as we pay 20 mill for ashley young not that im questioning youngs abilitys

  20. i dont mean to sound overtly ngative but matty james are you for real they is no way that guy is good enough for man utd. he seems to be going backwards .in the games ive seem him play in he seems to do nothing. i mean at least gibson had a shot at which he excelled . james is average at everything. i guess it depends on the criteria for the tour . help players develop or just bring players along and increase thei value

  21. @John

    Matty James is an odd one. Definitely is talented and it’s hard to say he’s gone backwards when he’s not really played this season. Injuries have been cruel to him but he impressed on loan in 09/10 and the start of 10/11 with Preston. They were raving about him.

    Was nice to see him return in a couple of games with the Reserves at the end of this campaign and contrary to what you think I actually thought he did very well. I think it was away at Liverpool he played and was excellent, controlling the midfield and very assured in his passing.

    Oddly, like Gibson, he does also have a great shot on him. Shooting from distance became a bit of a trademark of his as he’s gone through the ranks at United.

    Going on tour did seem like an odd suggestion though – would have been a big surprise. He is still highly regarded at the club though and it’ll be interesting to see if he goes out on loan again next season once he’s regained his fitness. Will be a big season for him – turns 20 in a couple of weeks.

  22. this list is fantastic,though nt everybody would agree-see berbatov there?we should nt really be complaining abt midfield;u knw why?bcs we have the players all they need is to up their game a little or becum more consistent,we have carrick,anderson,cleverly,fletcher.cleverly?yes!that lad wuld work magic in that area.

  23. Ok maybe i used the wrong phrase but what i meant was that he was stalled in his progress. now if we say that in theory that the idea is that as players go through the academey/reserve system and mature ( all things being equal and if we allow leeway for those who are late bloomers ) that they should be improving and devlopin there all round game relevant to their position. this is what i meant.

    with the greatest of respect to the championship the gulf between the two is huge.and corect if me memeory serves me wrong but would that be the seasn after which he played for england at the euro championship and was completely outclassed (along with the rest of the englands midfield mind you thats no suprise). we at united should know better than most having had scholes in our ranks that a midfielder playing for us should request the ball in all circusmtances and they should be comfortble when pressed and under pressure.he amlost defintely wasnt that in that tournament.

    I would be interested in knwoing what midfield position you think he would i personally think it would definetly not be in teh final third. which means he culd be a box to midfielder potentially although i dont he would be good enough as an all roudn game to play in a 2( if we continue going 4-4-2).

    which leaves him as a shield or a DLP and nce again i think he doesnt have the ability to read the game and be positionally acute enough a la carrick or have a wide enough range of passing to fullfill that role either

    we might have to agree to disagree there because i watched that game and saw a player who would make it at chmapionship level or maybe lower premier leauge but not man utd quality( but then again what do i know its history rpeating itself we had roy keane dying a slow death and we ttook so long to make a decsion on a way forwrd and now we have the same with scholes)

    I def agree with you there with regards to the importance of this season for him. i personally would like to see him maybe play till jan at reserve level with it being likely that the academy boys moving up. he could help them settle and play with raw talent who might help him find his spark again and finally maybe “boss” or impose/dominate games at that level before having a six month spell on loan

    sorry about the long winded reply and i hope i havent come as being dismissive

  24. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to Darren Flecter, because he is a great player, who has played a vital role in Man utd matches. Pls if has no injury, then he is compitent to travel to the tour along with his team mate. Thanks

  25. Out of all our youth i was most excited about young Magnus Eckram.. havnt really heard much of him from he left with Ole.. Cant wait to see Pogba get the nod to show his talents next year.. Could see him get a chance in the league cup this year

  26. Folks… these shirt numbers worry me….. Does giving Young the sacred No.18 shirt of Scholes mean that we’re not going to get a creative midfielder in to cover. What happened to SAF’s suggestions last year that we would need to get a big more established player to replace players like Giggsy and Scholes, instead of the much more youthful prospects??? Worried that may be it if we don’t get NAsri …. what do people think????

  27. Yes barca embarrassed us, but they r probably the best club side ever! Lets not get carried away, we do need a player like sneijder who can control the game from the middle. But ii was impressed how well carrick and giggs dominated Chelsea’s strong midfield home and away last season. Sneijder and las diarra fromm real would complete our team.

  28. United will perform well in pre-season in america i,want united 2 play with,4-4-2 squad in next season it,is great singing 4, three player will need replacment 4 paul scholes.

  29. I think united should sign sanchez, wesley, rodwell and nasri. sell kuschek, gibbo, obertan, anderson, carrick, giggs.

  30. need schnieder & nasri to sign to be able to play 4-3-3 system, to compete with barca. possibly jones to be holding midfield player,as current midfield is very average. team-de gea,fabio,rio,vidic,evra,schnieder,jones,nasri,nani,rooney, young

  31. yes if sneijder to be signed, then we still need one signing – defensive midfielder, fletcher is not good enough, although he was great for us two years ago, don’t hope he’ll reach same levels though

  32. @johny b – hope it’s not true, but it worries me too, but it looks like we’ll get sneijder, he’s much better than modric (contrary to that some experts say).


  34. Christiano was not a leader but for the rest I miss then. Nasri and Sneider then we are done. Play 4:1:2:1:2 in champions league and 442 in epl and 433 against top 5 of epl.

  35. This shows exactly why we should forget about our players playing internationals in the close season. All the young players cannot make a bid for a place because they have to be rested. Total cock up by the football authorities as always.

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