Nani was awful, Rovers fans and Internazionale

Luis Nani

Following on from the blog I wrote in October 2008 about Nani – I must say that I was very disappointed with his overall contribution yesterday and feel that he really needs to start putting in some decent performances in order to remain a Manchester United player.

Every time the lad picked up the ball there was the inevitable groan of dissatisfaction when he ultimately gave the ball away. Too many times the young Portugugese winger failed to put a much needed foot on the ball in order to take a more assured touch than his constant flicks that were nearly always intercepted.  Of course, he did put in a good ball for Rooney to score the first goal – however, a decent ball in is hardly enough for a young winger trying to break into the first team.

When he signed for United he was labelled ‘the new Ronaldo’ – something i’ve never seen.  Ronaldo, in terms of physcial and technial ability, was streets ahead of Nani at the age of 21.  Sure, Nani has a shot on him and has scored some superb goals for United since he signed in May 2007, but I just can’t see him ever cementing a place on the left or right flank for United.  I would give the boy another season – however if we are still talking about the same problems in a years’ time – I think it will be time to offload him.  Haven’t seen enough of Tosic yet to make an opinion on him, but I do hope we can try and bring in Valencia from Wigan – I think he has progressed greatly over the past year and you never know – we may even go back in for David Silva of Valencia.

Rovers Support

Bit of a moan about the away support yesterday – in the fact that there were hundreds of empty seats available.  Given the fact that the traveling support have to travel 32 Miles from door to door – you would expect a better turnout.  I know we’re in troubled economic times – however I would expect a better turn out considering how close both clubs are to one another.


I really cannot wait for this game now but am quite anxious regarding our defensive situation.  Jonny Evans isn’t looking too good and we’re already without the experienced trio  of Wes Brown, Nemanja Vidic and Gary Neville; could we expect a centre back pairing of Rio Ferdinand and John O’shea?   If we can get through the first leg with a score draw – I will be immensely pleased considering that I think we will definitely get a result at home.

Couple of facts for you that you may not be aware of – Tuesday marks our 200th game in the European Cup/Champions League.  In this period United have won 110 games, drawn 49 and lost 40 times. United’s first game in the competition was a 2-0 victory over Anderlecht in 1956 – Tommy Taylor and Dennis Viollet were on the score sheet.

Another good omen is that, we’ve only played Internazionale once and won the tie.  The two games occured in the treble winning season when a 2-0 victory at Old Trafford and a 1-1 draw in the San Siro send United marching on to the semi-finals of the competition.  A magnificent brace from Yorke, followed be a clearance off the line by Henning Berg and then a Paul Scholes strike were the main talking points of the tie.

Lastly, and not such a great point, no team since 2003 have won the competition and then gone past the last 16.  I blogged on this last August and although I am optimisitic we will be victorious it is something we will need to be aware of.  Is it just coincidence or is there a greater added pressure to the previous winners to progress?  Time will tell but I for sure cannot wait for the tie.

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  1. Great blog as always mate.

    Couple of comments to make – regarding Nani, he seems to have been excellent in the Cups and distinctly average in the league (bar the odd flash of brilliance).

    I’ve said it before but I do believe he’s worth at least another season. Compared to the options wide for the other of the chasing pack and you begin to see Nani isn’t actually that bad – certainly I would choose him ahead of Malouda, Eboue, Riera et al.

    Another worthwhile point is that it is ironically ten years since we played Inter ! Hopefully we can get the same results again.

    With regards to winning the whole thing, well, both ourselves and Barca have showed signs of vulnerability over the weekend, and as the two outstanding teams in the competition (alongside Inter), it promises to be an absolutely gripping week.

  2. When Nani made bad passes the announcer question what he was thinking. When Rooney made an obvious bad pass the announcer said “the ball ran out of steam.”
    See, Nani didn’t have a bad game…he just had more balls that ran out of steam.

  3. So you have a go at Blackburn Rovers supporters? Do you support your local team? Or do you support United because they are successful? Have you ever supported a team and gone to games when the club was rubbish and fighting relegation?

    How many games a season do you go to?

    You sound like a glory hunting United fan who only goes to the odd game and probably comes from Surrey.

  4. Typical – pick on Nani why don’t you! The score yesterday should have been 3-1 if Webb hadn’t been so inept a referee. If the score has been what it rightly should have been, then NANI would have two great assists from that game. He is still the best player at taking corners and finding a United player from the wing. So give him a break will you, and don’t worry too much anyway, because he will be leaving with Ronaldo for Spain. Nani was not to blame for the run up to the B’Burn goal, as Scholesy messed that up, because Nani doesn’t have eyes in his backside and couldn’t see the player coming behind him, whereas Scholesy could. Also Rio and Kucz messed up PROPER. So get off your Nani high horse will you. The lad should leave, because he never gets a drop of support from United fans.

  5. I read that fact about winning teams since 2003 not progressing, but I am confident we will stop the run, even more so coz they have the overhyped self righteous Mourinho in charge.

    I really hope Nani leaves, he is better with the ball at his feet than Park, but Park puts 10x the effort which seemingly results witha higher team spirit, which obvious leads to us winning.

    Craig Mc
    Kieran Richardson didnt get support from the fans, and there is a reason. He was rubbish.

  6. Good looking out everybody.Nani and indeed any other player that is not English will have to put in a double shift and even thats not enough.The midfield of scholes and carrick was overrun by a determined Blackburn side.Scholes runs into Nani’s ball but doesn’t play it.who is to blame?ofcourse Nani

  7. I’m getting increasingly pessimistic about Nani’s chances to establish himself in the first XI. The lad’s obviously talented, but I haven’t seen much, if any, improvement in his performances this season.
    I think Valencia from Wigan would be a perfect signing. Not a lot of fancy footwork, but he’s very efficient at the “simple” task of getting a yard of space and putting a good cross in.

  8. Craig Mc – We’ve been here before I remember rightly! 😀

    Listen, i’m never one for criticising United players but its just disappointing when I believe he has the talent but he just isn’t performing to the best of his abilities. The amount of times he tried to knock the ball around the corner only for it to be intercepted was all too much on Saturday and I would prefer to have Park in ahead of him to be honest.

    I know you like him and I do think he is a talented lad but he surely must start performing on a more consistent basis to break into the first team.

    So what do you think Fergie should do with him? Do you think he played well on Saturday?

  9. Nani played much better, his decision making was much improved and he looked much more of a threat. This is a poor blog

  10. Fair enough Salford Red. However, I personally though he gave the ball away far too much and hasn’t progressed from his good first season. I don’t think we should get rid of him – I never mentioned that – but I hope to see him push on to the next level. Something he hasn’t done yet.

  11. Okay alot of are fans have had enough of nani, but i personaly like him. The main problem is he is a right footed player! He should be given a chance on the right, ronaldo seems to always drift to the left anyway (well he kinda does what ever he wants) Nani is a great talent and actually wants to play for are club, and it wasnt his fault for the goal, was a bad pass with the player right next to him he was the wrong option to pass to, so come on lads lets get behind are players 🙂

  12. SalfordRed, being a born and bred Salford Red myself, I know the Salford Reds know what they are ON ABOUT – hahahahaha – and I agree with you about Nani.

    Stretford-End, I think Nani did ok, like I said – he made two goals, it wasn’t his fault that DEAD WEBB disallowed it. Ronnie’s contribution was one piece of magic and a majestic goal, but what else did Ronnie do in the game? Nani made two goals. Anyway like I said, no point in talking to some of you. If Nani was playing as many games as he was in the first season, he would be more in form, and I believe he would produce. I get sickened by people of your mentality who like to do a kicking job on Nani all the time. Anyway that’s life, we won’t always agree on everything. Also I don’t think Valencia is all that he is made out to be, and to pay the money they want – not for me.

  13. ‘I get sickened by people of your mentality who like to do a kicking job on Nani all the time’

    I think thats a bit far fetched to be honest. I don’t think we should just let players put in performances that aren’t good enough and then not say anything – surely we wouldn’t have anything to discuss?

    I don’t dislike Nani and I think is a good player. I feel my argument has been quite objective to be honest.

    Do you feel he is good enough for a first team place?

  14. Stretford end – Do I feel he is good enough for a 1st team place, course I do, I think that is obvious mate. He said himself that he knows he is not in the sort of form he would like to be, due to very little game time. As for you saying about my comment that you feel is far fetched, show me a post Stretford-end where you have actually been pro Nani. See- thought so. Like I said though mate, he will always be unappreciated by most United fans.

  15. Geotaz – good on you mate. What bothers me about the Nani bashing, is that nobody has mentioned that it was down to him that Rooney got his goal scoring opportunity. Because before that defence splitting pass, we has not looked like breaking through. The second goal that should have stood, was down to excellent ball into the box from Nani, but hey the blind see what they want to see mate. Little man needs to move on, for regular team football, and I hope he returns and DOES ONE ON US.

  16. Craig I know its obvious but what would be your starting xi if we were playing Barcelona in the Champions League final. Here is a post I did in our forum:

    I hope you rescind your comment regarding pro-Nani posts? 😀

    Also I mentioned his assist for the Rooney goal. I think, if anything it should be seen as a complement, I think he has some great talent – but currently, in my opinion – it isn’t coming through as it should be. If you think it is – fine – that’s great – everyone has an opinion.

    I appreciate your comments mate – you make the blogs entertaining. But can you not see my point at all?

  17. Stretford-end, I think you didn’t read my last post correctly mate. I said to you that the lad hasn’t hit his form of last season, BUT the reason for that is that it is hard to do that when you don’t get a consistent run in the first team PL games, and especially the top 4 team games. I know for a fact the lad is working his arse off in training, but needs a good run. United fans are judging him on the odd PL game he happens to get, and even then it is seldom a full game he is allowed to stay on for. If Fergie would give him the same run he had last year, I believe he would prove all you knockers wrong. If he failed to do that, after being given a run of games, then fair enough. I saw him in the European nations cup, when Ronnie did nothing in the game Portugal were knocked out, but Nani on for the last 25 minutes and would have caused so much damage if Portugal had any decent strikers. The balls he put into the area on a plate for them were amazing.

    My team for Barca CL – would have Nani in it mate, before Park, Giggsy, Tev etc. I don’t believe he would let anybody down, but hey I love the lad, and I think he should be given as decent a run as the other lads, then judge him – fair enough.

    Little man Nani, you’ll do for me.
    Go play in Spain, and make United see.
    Come back and kick some arse, on OT’s park,
    United fans will moan, and you’ll hear Fergie bark.

  18. Up until the second Derby game I would have been in complete compliance, I felt for all his talent his decision making and end ball were way out fo sync. However I must say the arrival of Tosic seems to have given him a proverbial kick up the arse and in these two games his positional play was much better, his decision making was far more improved and his final ball was much better. Great potential but I would agree he needs to do more, that more being keeping up the progression seen in these two games.

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