Five Things We Would Like From Manchester United In 2020

It is the fifth day of 2020 and the New Year means wishes and resolutions we will not keep up with. That is why we will be looking at five things we would like to see from Manchester United in 2020. Some of them might be easier and some of them might be harder to actually occur, but we would like to see them nevertheless. If four things were to actually happen in the next 12 months, it would be fair to say this was a good year.

So let’s begin.

Qualify For Champions League

This is always the most important thing these days and for a good reason. Manchester United must play in Champions League next season, but also the year after that and the year after that. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side cannot fail to reach that competition yet again, especially after being in a strong position late into the last season.

Whether that will be by finishing in top four or by winning Europa League is of less importance short-term, but for the long run, it would be a good achievement to break into top four in Premier League.

Challenge For Europa League Trophy

Last time we played in this competition, we won it. Many will feel we should go for it yet again and if things do not go well in the league – like they did not three years ago under Mourinho – then it will become priority. But for now, we would be okay with just challenging for the trophy in the final stages. Once you get there, anything can happen, especially with this young squad.

There will be plenty of matches to play this season and this youthful squad might not be ready to carry it all out, therefore the focus must always be on the league.

Win EFL Cup

Well, this one will not be easy, despite United already being in the semifinals. But it would be the sweetest thing to happen, as that would mean Man United have gone past Man City in the double-header semifinals. Two-legged January clash will be a huge challenge for Marcus Rashford and Co. but something this could pull off with a little bit of luck.

Not winning League Cup would not change much in the wider perspective of things, but the hunger for trophies could grow if players feel how it is to lift it.

Add Experienced Director Of Football

There is a reason why we are saying ‘experienced’. Because Ed Woodward should not appoint just about anyone, but rather someone with experience in this field. This would also mean that Woodward would be ready not to mingle where he is not suited, although that is probably not going to happen.

Restructure The Squad

The summer transfer window will depend a lot on the part about DoF and United will be in ever tougher situation than they were six months ago. This squad is now barren, Paul Pogba might leave, several players are not of Man United quality and bringing in a handful of players is hard enough, let alone signing them for them to start performing instantly.

However, we would be happy if there was a real sense of United becoming a clearly better team.

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