18 January 2011 | Stretty Stories

It was my last days of winter break from university, so please forgive me for my Stretty Stories absence over the weekend. Rafael has been charge with improper conduct, Patrice Evra claims unbeaten isn’t the goal, Dimitar Berbatov targets the Golden Boot, and Danny Welbeck is set to undergo an operation.

FA Charges Rafael – Sky Sports

So Rafael got an absolutely absurd second yellow card, and now he’s being charged with improper conduct by the FA? I’m at a complete loss for words. He has accepted the charge as well.

Evra: Matching Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ is not our focus – Guardian

Good. I’ve always said that going unbeaten should just be a bonus. League title No. 19 should always be the biggest priority.

Dimitar Berbatov sets sights on Golden Boot – Guardian

As Manchester United targets a record 19th league title, Dimitar Berbatov is targeting the Premier League Golden Boot as he helps push United toward infamy. That would certainly go a long way in justify the price tag that his doubters so often point to.

Sunderland send Welbeck for op – Sky Sports

Danny Welbeck will undergo exploratory surgery on his knee after suffering some problems in recent weeks. We’d like to wish him a speedy recovery.


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5 Comments on 18 January 2011 | Stretty Stories

  1. If you think that’s insane make sure you don’t read Graham Poll’s opinion on the issue. Not only was the second yellow justified but Waza and Vida should have been sent off as well according to him.

    I know it doesn’t have anything to do with the article but I thought I’d ask and get you all to chime in but why does Akinfeev seem to be overlooked as VDS replacement? He’s done great in Moscow, has CL experience, is the captain and has been capped internationally almost 50 times and commands the box like he owns it. Any reason that he dropped of the radar/tabloids?

  2. I wish I could give you an answer. I’ve always liked Akinfeev and thought he would be a good signing to replace Van der Sar. Baffled that he hasn’t gotten more attention as all his credentials are impressive.

  3. We were linked with Akinfeev for ages and then… nothing. Has he done something stupid (on or off the pitch) that never made our news?

    As for Rafael, the second card is typical of how referees treat yellow cards as a “last warning” rather than waiting for another yellow card offence, but it was a daft thing for him to do and he should have known that. As for improper conduct, I wholeheartedly agree with him being charged for it. Players of all teams really hack me off with constant berating of the referees. Fine the brats until they learn.

  4. I should clarify that last bit. I’m not saying, as it might seem, that Rafael did anything that was particularly bad. And certainly no worse than most other players in general do.

    I’d just like to see ALL players who do it get fined more severely.

    I’m not the biggest rugby fan but when I do watch it I find it both good and depressing how the players treat refs in comparison to football.

  5. @Ian – Agreed, he’s still a youngster and has some things to learn. As long as he can keep the fire that he has but channel it differently, he’ll be one hell of a player.

    Haven’t read any news about Akinfeev that would be considered negative. I suppose the one “knock” against him would be that he stands at 6′ 1″. Who knows if he doesn’t end up in Manchester (in red) I don’t want to see him in the EPL!

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