Coming to the defense of new-boy Bebe

I almost didn’t post this because I didn’t want to give any attention to some of the idiots in the press, but I decided it was important to remind everyone that as Manchester United fans we always support our own. Our newest signing – Bebe – needs our support now as the press continues their unjust attacks against him. Playing for the Portugal U-21 squad against England, Bebe finally had a chance to perform and prove his doubters wrong. And while I thought he looked promising, certain journalists, such as The Sun’s Steve Brenner and The Daily Mail’s Leo Spall, were quick to attack the Portuguese winger’s performance.

The Daily Mail ran a recap of the match including “new Manchester United striker Bebe flops debut” in the headline. Sir Alex has made it clear that Bebe is a winger; if you’re going to criticize Bebe at least do enough research to get his position right. Also, as one fan on Twitter pointed out, if you’re going to criticize him in the headline, you should probably write more than just one sentence about him in the actual article.

Meanwhile, by the 30th minute The Sun’s Steve Brenner had tweeted this: “Bebe sensational so far. Sensationally ineffective.” He didn’t even given him a full 90 minutes to prove himself before passing such harsh judgement. It’s as if the press wants to see him fail. Anything less than a hat-trick and they were bound to criticize him, and even then I think they might have found a way to label him a flop. I know he’s signed for Manchester United for a fairly big transfer fee, especially for an unknown, but this was his first taste of international action; give him a break!

These aren’t the first attacks against Bebe, though. Almost since he arrived at Old Trafford he has been harassed by the media. Before even seeing a second of action in either the first team or reserves, he was being labeled a flop. I struggle to see how you can judge a player you’ve never seen in a competitive match. When Bebe wasn’t involved in the reserves match two weeks ago, the press immediately came to the conclusion that it must be because Bebe had been poor in training. Sir Alex quickly jumped to the defense of his newest signing saying that Bebe had not yet achieved an acceptable level of fitness to be involved.

And when Bebe finally featured in a competitive match, he actually gave us some very promising glimpses of his potential. He didn’t see a lot of the ball, but when he was in possession he looked quite good. The moment that stands out in my mind came in the second half, when Bebe picked up the ball out on the right wing, outran one defender before tricking a second and then unleashing a powerful shot at the England goalkeeper. We also got a look at his imposing physique; standing very tall and clearly packing some muscle. And, not to forget, that he was brilliantly quick; his speed will be a massive asset as he continues to develop.

The one criticism I’ve read that I can agree with is that he seems to lack much tactical intelligence. I’ll agree he needs to work on his movement and understanding of the game, but let’s not forget where he came from. Having been raised in a homeless shelter in Portugal playing on a dusty field, I doubt he had much coaching. I’m not trying to make excuses for him, rather provide explanation for his faults. The tactics of the game are probably still something he needs to work on, but what he did develop while at the homeless shelter were the physical skills to play the game. With time, the United staff will instill within Bebe the footballing knowledge he needs to become truly successful.

What makes these attacks by the press even worse is that Bebe appears to have a heart of gold. When returning to Portugal to meet up with the U-21 squad, Bebe spent the night at the homeless shelter where he was raised and took the time to thank the staff and people in the shelter for all they had done for him. Despite moving from the homeless shelter to the Portuguese first division to a £12,000 a week salary at Manchester United, Bebe has remained incredibly humble and aware of his roots. But despite his strong character and the fact that he’s yet to play competitively for United, the media still seem drawn to criticizing him.

This is an important stage of his development, and I hope all the negative press won’t have a crippling effect on his psychology. It is crucial that we United fans give him our full support and back him whenever we can. Bebe needs to know he has fans around the world rooting for him to succeed at Old Trafford. We’ve always stood by our players, and I have no doubt we can counteract all these unjust attacks on Bebe. Our newest signing needs us now, I’m sure he’ll repay us later on the pitch as he continues to develop.

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  1. It’s amazing that all those news attack on Bebe was so harsh. It could have a bad impact on him. All we fans can do is cheer him up and support him all the way. It is unjust to judge him now as he is still inexperience and lack tactical aspect of the game.

    Lets cheer him on as i feel he might be a god asset for us in the coming future.

  2. Staggering that they are so quick to judge a player that young or otherwise.

    Typical British press with nothing to write about now that there aren’t transfer rumors to make up.

    Fuck right off the lot of them

  3. I juz dun understand why the press r being so harsh on a talent that might turn out to be then next superstar in world football..
    no wonder SAF has been refusing to talk to BBC..these type of people wif dat kind of mentality..
    i personally believe he’ll make it tru at united..time n guidance r wut he needs, juz like ronaldo, nani, etc.

  4. D british press in their usual manner are tryin to unsettle our own bebe b’cos they ain’t got any false transfer rumour to publish.

  5. I think that once Bébé realsies that playing for the biggest club in the world (As said by a Real Madrid player moving to spurs) everyone thats not with you, is against you he will be able to laugh at these attempts to put him down. But also I believe, a few words with countryman Ronaldo could help Bébé get some advice on dealing with this kind of a hate campaign. As we all remember what a “one Trick Pony” Cristiano Ronaldo was when begining life at Old Trafford. Lets just say, If Bébé needs to improve, he’s in the best place in the world to do that.

  6. I can only imagine what it must be like to see people slagging you off in the papers day by day, when you’ve got your hands full just settling in to a new place in a new country. Makes you feel for the guy.

    Here’s to the day Bebe makes a fantastic United debut.

  7. It bothers me that Newcastle are getting Ben Arfa and City got Johnson for less than we paid for him.

    I hope it works out for him but with money appearing to be tight it was a risk we shouldn’t have taken.

  8. I saw most of the match and while nothing the media does really surprises me anymore, I did find it laughable that they chose to (once again) pick on Bebe, while the whole Portugal team was unconvincing and even the England U-21 was only marginally better.
    I saw the headline and didn’t want to read it, but clicked on the bloody link and with that kind of headline, you’d think you were going to read some analysis of the players performance, at the minimum recounting the good and bad moments, but no – one silly sentence at the end of the “article”.

    Poor journalism just got worse.

    Bebe had a very quiet first half, but he was played up front alone and had ZERO service. A change to a wider position and with some players actually going with him saw Bebe do much better and he actually had some of the best moments of the second half, yet the press choose to label him a flop,purely becuase of the way he was signed and because he was signed for Manchester united.

    Leo Spall, if my job called for me to be so unethical and resort to such poor, sensationalist journalism, I would actually quit and find a new job and maybe even a new industry to work in.

  9. i agree with the blogger.give the fellow chance to perform………SAF is not a fool to accept him if bebe doesnt have class………..

  10. Well done mate we should always defend and look after our own ,i am bemused at some of the stick our own players get on our forums i am defending them constantly no more so than rooney and now bebe who like you said has yet to feature,amazingly being called a flop before he has kicked a ball in anger

  11. I think for a tean like Manchester United, where there has been a lot of debate about exactly how much money they have for players because of the debt, that to spend 7.5 Million on an unknown player that Gill claimed was in the mold of rooney and Ronaldo, yet there is no evidence yet. Spurs paid 8 Mill for Van Der Vart, and Madris 12Million on Ozil, with players like Ninis out there, there does seem to be some value. But then is 7.5million on an unknown not over priced? I hope he is fantastic, if he is not and the money is tight, then maybe it could have been spent elsewhere. at the age of 20, he has to be showing signs that he is great. Rooney and Ronaldo’s class shown out before they were 20. So I think the press are right to have there opinion.

  12. Great article mate. United fans always stand by their own. I was watching an interview on MUTV with patrice evra and he mentioned how amazed he was at the fans clapping him off the pitch in his first 6 months even though he wasn’t playing well. And nows he’s the best LB in the world. Bebe will indeed receive the same encouragent and support from the OT faithful

  13. couldnt careless what the anti-utd media thinks, those scumbags couldnt wait to rip into bebe, that clown ladyman of the mail done it like 4-times already and so has a few other media idiots…they choose to ignore all the good things bebe did in the game strictly to focuse of story they wanted- they want bebe to fail, cause he be a utd star…support the kid, ignore the trash and let bebe know we’re here for him. he a wonderful lad with creative talent and we should get right behind him, we are manchester

  14. Why give these bullshit stories any attention in the first place?

    Anybody who expected Bebe to come into his first few games and do good things is clearly a numpty.

  15. Good article, we must always support our players and
    ignore the idiot press. From what I see, Bebe does have
    huge potential to be a great player for us, the skills
    and physique are there, with coaching from our staffs,
    he will surely improve. Let us continue to support
    all our players

  16. Ian, as I said in my intro, I almost decided against writing this as I didn’t want to give any of those morons my attention. In the end I decided that the positives of defending one of our own and encouraging others to do the same outweighed the negative of paying attention to the negative journalists.

  17. Man one thing is for sure. I am a die hard Man Utd Fan & will support them to end of time but u guys take the cake. I mean be real guys! 7.5m for an unknown!!! WHY??? Man! take these blinkered Man U glasses off & live in reality! Its one thing supporting the club u love like I do but al least have the common sense in telling right from wrong! Bebe may become the next greatest thing or may become next flop! But for the price paid for him it is a unreasonable transfer!

  18. Ian, as I said in my intro, I almost decided against writing this as I didn’t want to give any of those morons my attention. In the end I decided that the positives of defending one of our own and encouraging others to do the same outweighed the negative of paying attention to the negative journalists.
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