Wayne Rooney can surpass 42 goal Cristiano Ronaldo

Wayne Rooney

There has been a lot of discussion over the past few weeks regarding the potential goal scoring return from Wayne Rooney this season in comparison to that of his former team mate, Cristiano Ronaldo’s return in 2007/08. We discussed the possibility of such an achievement a couple of weeks ago when Rooney surpassed the total goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo last season. I’m going to put my neck out and say that in our remaining games (potentially 14) Wayne Rooney will score thirteen goals – taking his goal tally up to a whopping 43 for the season (including community shield goal).

In the summer of 2008 I honestly thought that I would never see a goals return like it again. In the season 2007/08 Cristiano Ronaldo had scored a bucket load of goals for us, with Carlos Tevez coming a distant second (with 19) and Rooney third (with 18). I honestly could not even have contemplated that anyone would ever get close to such an achievement. However, that is until Wayne Rooney demonstrated how much of an old round forward he actually is.

People used to say that Wayne Rooney needs to play deeper to get the most out of him. In Rooney’s debut season he was forced to operate as a lone front man, with Ruud Van Nistelrooy unavailable for long periods due to an ankle injury. He did well as a lone striker, with support from wide areas in Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and, erm, Kieran Richardson – but it was clear that this would be a temporary fix for a team in transition. As the years passed Rooney developed, along with Cristiano Ronaldo who’s natural ability allowed him to take centre stage – with Rooney often being sacrificed, especially in the latter European games. With Ronaldo gone Rooney has been effectively liberated from his shackles and United are reaping the rewards, whilst Ronaldo’s Galacitco’s crash out again in the European Cup’s last sixteen.

I was looking through Ronaldo’s stats from 2007/08 today and if we do a like for like with this season – we’d be at the 1-0 victory over Derby County, where Ronaldo scored the winner. He then proceeded to score twice against Bolton, once against Liverpool, once against Aston Villa, once against Roma, once against Middlesbrough, once against Arsenal, twice against West Ham United, once against Wigan Athletic to help clinch the title and that header in the Champions League final against Chelsea (phew).

So, if we get to Madrid this May Rooney has an opportunity to play in fourteen games, where his form would surely be a great shout for him to surpass the total set by Ronaldo two seasons ago. The fact that we have a superb athlete in Valencia who has put in some immense performances over the season and the trio of Fletcher, Scholes and Carrick behind him – he has a superb opportunity to do it. I like the fact that he plays in a free role up top on his own. He has license to roam around the final third, which draws defenders out as their petrified of Rooney running at them with pace. He showed he is still an unselfish player for the team when United do not have the ball, running back to cover for both Nani and Valencia who ventured forward. He really is a class act and an all round forward.

Any regular reader of this blog will know that both Yolkie and I like to pull out the stats now and again, so here is another one for you:

Rooney Chart 1

The above chart shows the breakdown of Rooney’s 30 goals so far this season, with his goals in the last ten minutes and injury time looking very impressive. Its shame we haven’t recorded ‘type of goal’ as we could breakdown the amount of headed goals he has against right foot, left foot, long range (e.t.c.).

So to conclude, Rooney has a great opportunity to surpass Ronaldo’s goal tally of 2007/08 – something I never thought I would say a mere twenty months after it happened. He has a manager who believes in him, fans who adore him and a talent that allows him to score all types of goals. Rooney will no doubt play down his own personal compliments, stating he does it for the team and he could just help us win a nineteenth Championship and fourth European Cup. Fingers crossed.

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  1. He can do it – if he doesn’t, though, I’m sure the media will regard it as failure.

    The player himself openly states that he just hopes for personal progression each season and he’s already done that by a handsome margin – I’m sure if you offered him no more goals but two shiny winners medals; or even one, for that matter, he’d take that offer.

    That being said; as a professional, and an eager one, and having read his autobiography (at the age of 21!!) it’s obvious that he does pay attention to records and things like that. I would say that he’ll be looking past Ronaldo and targetting Ruud or Law’s records; though I would also suggest that if it does come to the time of him getting 41 goals the burden of expectation on him from all quarters may border on ridiculous.

    Loving the stat, by the way. Rooney scores all kinds of goals against all kinds of opposition at any time of the match; let’s hope he keeps it up!

  2. I don’t mean this in a bad way but who really cares?

    I don’t understand this obsession with beating Ronaldo’s goal tally. Why does it matter so much? Not just here but the media in general. They can’t even be really compared as Ronaldo was more of a wide player playing in a free role in 07/08. Rooney’s season should really be compared to RVN’S 44 goal one or Law’s 46.

    It is like Gary Neville said after the game on Wednesday, Rooney’s records are all well and good but trophies are much more important and it is not how many goals he is scoring that is vital but how many crucial goes. Don’t tell me if we fail to win the CL and the PL at the end of the season, we will all think ‘oh never mind at least Rooney got 43’. In some ways I actually don’t want him to get it because I doubt he will beat more than 43,44 etc next season which will mean the media will harp on about it.

    Far too much of this is being made by the media because they are a desperate to have an English world player of the year. That and the fact they are hell bent on comparing Ronaldo and Rooney at every opportunity because they have got it in to their heads that they don’t get on but like Messi and Kaka, goals were not enough for Ronaldo. All three’s goals were vital in their clubs winning major trophies

  3. Mark, it’s topical and in support of our players; nothing wrong with a light article here and there to analyse the progress given all the talk this week from Fergie/Rooney himself about the Ronaldo goal tally.

  4. Mark – I totally agree with your points. No one cares if he gets to 43, 45, 70 if we do not win the Champions League/Premier League. But surely there is a link between winning football matches and scoring tons of goals, no?

    It’s not an obsession with Ronaldo/English players, so I disagree with that – I thought it would make interesting Reading for when Ronaldo got those goals and he scored (I think) seven odd goals in five games – can Wazza replicate that? I think he can and he will need two big games against Chelsea and Liverpool. With the Ballon D’or – I want to as many United players win the award, regardless of the nationality of the player. Again, it’s not a consolation for not winning the two major trophies – but if we win both, you can bet that Rooney will be a candidate for the award if United are victorious on both fronts – based on his form
    over the season. So the more goals Rooney scores, the more likely United are to win things and his contribution gets acknowledged – win win situation really?

    I’m on iPhone so apologise if spelling all over the place.

  5. I fucking! hate stats! And stats in football is even more murderous.

    that out…….ok. calm.
    1. Rooney wont score 42.
    2. United! should stop the media setting Rooney’s agenda.
    3. Rooney isNot Ronaldo.
    4. Rooney still has a lot – used to be awful lot – to learn.
    5. Stop quoting stats. Its not Tennis.


  6. Dapxin – Can you please try and limit your obscenities when there is no need to use such words to get your point across. To be honest, i’m not too bothered if you do or do not like stats – I am merely putting across a topic of conversation that is currently being discussed.

    I don’t care what the media think or do not think of United. I don’t understand why you believe this story is all about the media setting our targets!?? Don’t you see that if Rooney scores more goals, we are more likely to win football matches which then results in trophies… i.e.:

    Manchester United 19 League Titles
    Liverpool 18 League Titles
    Arsenal 13 League Titles

    Manchester United 4 European Cups
    Barcelona 3 European Cups
    Juventus 2 European Cups
    Benfica 2 European Cups
    Internazionale 2 European Cups

    But then I guess you’re not interested in that as you dislike stats so much. 🙂

    Please do not tell us what we can and cannot write about either – we have a archive of stats, which I know people find useful.

    I hope he does surpass the goals set by Ronaldo. Not for any English media bias (as some people cite), not for a point for ‘team Rooney’ but for my mere selfish point of view that I would like to see United lift trophies – do you not see that??

  7. Point on the use of stress-reliving-words taken (I always forget its a brit site, forgive that 🙂

    + I like your bias, and I understand it, but the problem is, barring the competence of Alex Ferguson to manage it, a strikers agenda, I mean, a professionals agenda should not be set by the media.

    Rooney’s goals are clearly the ones putting United! ontop of the league, but you only have to look at Ronaldo’s latest madrid-mare to see Its always about the ‘team’.

    All that has to be set for Rooney is to keep Improving. In that, It is implied that he will score goals.

    The other danger of pushing the Rooney v Ronaldo slant is the involuntary default it implies, that the team is centered on Rooney which is not exactly the case.

    I suppose comment is free; I should be free to make my point -about stats – without being called out, misinterpreted as dictating the content of your write(s).

    In the end, what matters to me, is Rooney is right at the verge of becoming consummate danger-man he had always been potent for. If you want to know what the media can do, take a sneak @ d profile of mr. Theo walcott….

  8. You can put your comments across no problem at all, we always allow it here on Stretford-end.com, but I don’t understand why you had to include obscenities? I think its fair to question that don’t you think? It weakens your argument as no one takes what you’re saying seriously.

    To be honest, i’m confused what you point is….You want Rooney to succeed but yet you don’t want him to be compared to Ronaldo? Is that your point?

    You’ve stated on Twitter you do not think Rooney will reach 42, that is fair enough! That is all you needed to say. I hope he does but it is a big ask. That opinion is mine alone and nothing to do with the media – I hope Berbatov bags ten more goals!

  9. obscenities ? seriously, I dont know what that is :_)
    (I presume any u-16 is not trawling around here)

    My point is the Rooney v Ronaldo agenda – if otherwise serious bloggers like here, supports it the way it is, would undermine rooney.

    Rooney’s agenda can be multiply set, without making it v. Ronaldo.

    That way, he remains true to himself; but I am over-stating it now.

    Per Berbatov, I am 100% confident – if, big if, he continues to ‘integrate’ his style and he seems capable of everything, to the United! mentality / expectation / philosophy – Is a Golden player. Especially when you depart from the standpoint point that Football first was entertainment…of which goal-scoring is the pinnacle. The missing link is always in the ‘confidence’ – either earned or reposed.

    I would like to eat my words on Rooney; I followed United! for years long enough for that to a given, and you must assume that if you walk this red, ‘sacred’ places 🙂

  10. btw, what I encapsulate in Roo v Ron agenda can be exposed here :

    ” Can Rooney outdo Ronaldo’s 42?”

    I suggest the question should / can be re-framed without the caving default to Ronaldo – who would by now, surely must have had moments when he truly realised what United! gave him that can only be offered @United!

    + you need to implement a subscribe-to-comments system ( like disqus) i hate to have visit from the http://www... every single time.

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