Season Is Over – What Now For Manchester United?

The season is finally over. But what do we want from next year? On our Twitter poll, most Man United fans said returning to top four. That makes sense considering Man City were 32 points ahead of the Devils this season. But in order to reach the goals next season, here are some things that need to happen at the club.

Create Overarching Strategy

What Man United need right now is what every business in trouble needs – a real strategy, an overarching strategy under which everything will fall. That strategy has to be like an umbrella, on top of everything else, where every sporting decision will be in line with it. What that strategy would be is on the club to decide. Maybe it would be to try and create a dynasty, similarly to what Sir Alex Ferguson did, although everyone should remain conscious that a new Sir Alex will not happen.

But that does not mean you cannot try and build something big for a long-term. Maybe United would want to become a club with a distinguished ideology on the pitch, like Barcelona did all those decades ago. Whatever might be the case, this club needs such strategy, as it would become the steering wheel. That would allow for all those rash decisions to be avoided.

Find Director Of Football That Fits Into Strategy

When Man United decide on such overarching strategy, then the club need to find an ideal person who will fit into that. That is not an easy task and it takes time. Since Man United already do not have any idea who might take that position, then they should maybe even decide later next season. It is better not to complicate things even more with technical directors such as Rio Ferdinand, Gary Neville or Darren Fletcher – all of them were linked with that post – than to put someone in that position just for the sake of saying things are changing at the club. Because they can change, but those changes might not be positive at all.

Someone who has experience in the job is needed to become a Director of Football at one of the biggest clubs in the world.

Decide On Solskjaer’s Position

This is also important. Some could say Man United already made a rash decision this spring when they gave Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a three-year-deal with the third best salary in the league. Man United could decide he is the right man and then make another panicking decision to sack Solskjaer when things go south. This point is not to say that Solskjaer should not stay, it is more to be realistic about whether he is the man to build a dynasty or just someone passing by. The biggest problem here could be the fact that Man United have put Solskjaer in for a long-haul before they decided on an overarching strategy.

Change The Squad Properly

And then there is the squad. It needs a massive overhaul this summer and that is not easy to do. It is even harder to do it without a real strategy and Director of Football. And the fact that the club almost made no good business in the market in the past six years gives even more reason to fear the future. Nothing shows us that things are going to improve this summer. That is why all four steps here are equally important. They work in unison.

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