Four Things We Have Learned From Manchester United So Far This Season

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Manchester United pretty much know most things about how their season will pan out. They lost in League Cup quarterfinals, they went out in Champions League round of 16 and will most probably end up in second in the Premier League. The only thing there is to really look at between now and end of the season is how they will fare in the last four of the FA Cup.

So, that is a good reason to see what we have learned from this season so far. It is not over yet and another piece of silverware could be won, but we have got a pretty clear picture so far.

There Is So Much Potential

Manchester United have improved on the last season in general. Maybe there are not two new trophies coming in, but Europa League football is not something this needs. They got better in the league – much better in fact – and could have and should have done better in Champions League.

Yet, it is obvious this team has a lot of potential. The wins against Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City have shown that, but also plenty of good, talented players in the first team are a reason for being positive. Jose Mourinho must look at getting this side even better for next season as there is plenty of room for improvement. We could be on a path of steady growth.

Build Around Pogba And Lukaku

Paul Pogba and Romelu Lukaku turn 25 this year. It feels like they have been in top football for a very long time and are already well experienced for their age. They are also the players United should build around. Pogba’s defensive instability could be an issue, but if anyone can fix that, it is Mourinho. What he offers with his dynamism and presence going forwards could be very important.

Lukaku, on the other side, is the player that will score you goals. Only, you need to create those chances for him. And that is not a bad thing. Manchester United are not a small team that should have issues with that. When you feed Lukaku, he scores goals. It is simple, yet at times that looked to be an issue for the Devils this season.

Defence Needs Changes

Two wingers converted into full-backs are not ideal options for the back line at a team wanting to chase every single trophy. Valencia and Young have mostly been good, but them playing in those positions tells a story of slightly deeper issues with the current squad. Also, the centre-backs must improve next season, as only Eric Bailly has been great in that position this term and he was injured for a good chunk of it.

At least three defenders should come in this summer. Manchester United need them.

Mourinho’s Negativity Often Unnecessary

At certain points during the season, Mourinho was too negative. And unnecessarily so, which is something he should change next year. It is hard seeing him actually change his personality, but when he was negative, there was a no real reason. When United went out to Sevilla, he looked on the bright side of things…

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