11 December 2010 | Stretty Stories

Sir Alex and Sir Matt
In today’s Manchester United news Sir Alex Ferguson pays tribute to Sir Matt Busby, the Chilean miners will be in attendance for the Arsenal match, and Jonny Evans may be sent on loan.

Ferguson: “Sir Matt helped me survive” – Telegraph

Sir Alex Ferguson will surpass Sir Matt Busby as Manchester United’s longest-serving manager when his squad travels to Stamford Bridge next Monday. Ferguson is now praising Busby’s influence ahead of this historic moment. Sir Alex admits that being surrounded by the likes of Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton played a key part in his success because he believed in their philosophy of having a strong youth system. It is from that very system that legends like Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes have come from, building two decades of success. It is shocking to think none of this may have come true if Mark Robins hadn’t scored all those years ago.

Chilean miners provide inspiration at Old Trafford – Telegraph

The Chilean miners who were trapped underground for 69 days will be in attendance at Monday’s match against Arsenal. The miners, who were invited by Sir Bobby Charlton, will also get to meet the players prior to kick-off. Sir Alex has also spoken of his excitement for these survivors to come to a training session at Carrington. This is just an incredible feel-good story. It is so good to see our club honour these brave people, and I think it really shows the character of Manchester United.

Jonny is loansome tonight – The Sun

There is no disputing that Jonny Evans has suffered from terrible form this season, and as a result of his struggles he may now be sent on loan. The 22-year-old centre back is in desperate need of confidence, and Sir Alex could loan him in the hopes Evans will rediscover his form. It would certainly not be the worst thing. Evans has struggled all season and he is hardly reliable at the moment, so sending him to a club with less pressure may be just what he needs right now.

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8 Comments on 11 December 2010 | Stretty Stories

  1. quite agree with the j evans loan move to get his confidence back,there is no doubting his talent but a lot of complacency has set in and in the last 15 months,look at everton away last season when we went down 3-1,2 big mistakes but fergie seems to give him another go.

  2. Thank god for Mark Robins. Good idea about J Evans but which club would he go to? There is no doubt he is a talent and he just needs to get his form and confidence back. I love the fact that Fergie still heaps praise on Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby. It just reminds SAF the team and the fans how important Sir Matt was and still is in a way as well as Sir Bobby.

  3. Chilean miners invited by Sir Bobby Robson?

    How was that done then.

    RIP Sir Bobby. Football is a poorer sport without you.

  4. Martin Edwards also has revealed on numerous occasions that if Mark Robins had not scored, Fergie was assured to still be in a job

  5. I’ve amended the Bobby Charton bit now!

    Yeah the story goes that Fergie was always assured of his job before that cup game, but who knows if that would have been the case!? That Mark Robins goal looking back has clearly been a pivotal point.

  6. Many apologies for that mistake. Got my Sir Bobby’s mixed up. Was writing quickly late at night, ashamed a made such a terrible mistake. R.I.P. to a legend.

  7. Not sure about sending Evans on loan. He might take it as a “They don’t think I’m good enough to ride this out here.”

    There’re plenty of games in our schedule where he can be risked, even with the league cup gone. I say hang onto him and just pick his appearances carefully.

  8. pls i don’t wan’t evans to go 4 a loan, i think d bst team he need to staynw is united, atlist i belive u r building him nd he is good in d defensive line, so les manage him pls i don’t wan’t evans to go 4 a loan pls sir.

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