Manchester United Shouldn’t Get Crazy Spending This Next Summer

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The transfer talk has taken over Manchester United’s newsfeed during the past few days. With several players being linked with moves to Old Trafford, much of the daily talk revolves on which players might join Manchester United next season.

However, The Red Devils must act smart when the summer arrives. Even though they will have one competitor less on the market due to Chelsea’s transfer ban, Manchester United officials can’t get all crazy spending money just to improve the side marginally. If they’re going to spend, it should be only to sign a game-changing player. Say, someone like Antoine Griezmann or Miralem Pjanic.

The perfect example of what Manchester United SHOULD NOT DO is what Bayern Munich did with Lucas Hernandez. The Bundesliga giants are set to spend €85 million to sign the Atletico Madrid left-back, which is an insane amount on his own. But there are logical problems regarding that transfer. Lucas would be set to become the world’s most expensive defender… but does he play on a level that’s even close to that label?

Plus, it’s hard to understand why Bayern would spend so much on a left-back. They already have David Alaba, Rafinha and Juan Bernat on the squad, and even Joshua Kimmich can operate on that position. It’s not as if they’re lacking depth on the position.

So.. what should Manchester United do?

But let’s get back to Manchester United. There’s no doubt The Red Devils will have to sign a few players this summer. A centre-back, a right-back, a central midfielder and attacking depth could all emerge as alternatives, although the CB would be the priority. But Manchester United shouldn’t get tricked into opposing teams’ games. They can’t overpay for someone who isn’t going to become a game-changing player. Especially considering how tight things are at the top of the Premier League standings.

In the end, the market will dictate what Manchester United will do. But there’s no question they need to be smart. Two of their big-money signings – Fred and Alexis Sanchez – have not panned out as expected. And they can’t afford to miss for a third consecutive transfer window.

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