Man United News: How Can Devils Finish Top Four, DoF Talk And Late Start

We are three days from Manchester United’s final match of the 2019-20 Premier League campaign. It has been a truly long season and that rigns more than ever. Everything started in early August last yera and yet, in late July, we are still here. Nevertheless, that long wait could be a sweet end if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team manages to not lose their final game of the season. With it, Champions League qualification will be official.

So, in these days prior to the game against Leicester City, we will look what are the possible ways for the top four race to end and also some other news that could be interesting.

How Can United Finish In Top Four

It is actually quite simple from United’s point of view. Simply do not lose and that is that. But there are exactly nine different ways the top four race could finish. The good news? Out of those nine combinations, seven are going to get Manchester United into the Champions League. After 37 rounds, Man United sit in third place, Chelsea are fourth with a worse goal-difference, whilst Leicester have a point less than these two sides. So, how can United lose their Champions League spot?

One option would be for Man United to lose to Leicester and Chelsea and Wolves draw their respective match. The other would be for United to lose and Chelsea to beat Wolves. But what is interesting, United could lose to Leicester and still finish inside the top four, but that would happen only if Wolves were to beat the Blues.

Any kind of Man United win will see them finish third and also a draw against Leicester with Wolves’ win against Chelsea. The odds are looking good, but top four spot must be earned on the pitch as well.

New Director Of Football Talk

It has been a bit of a wait since the last time the media were writing about Manchester United planning to bring in a Director of Football. The position which is instrumental to many clubs and their successes, including there Liverpool (although without strictly using the DoF tag). Now the latest talk is that Ed Woodward will look to appoint a director of football this summer.

But what truly makes these news interesting and astonishingly unlikely to be completely true is the statement that ‘Woodward is yet to start shortlisting candidates’. So, if there is no shortlist made yet, how is Woodward to get a director of football in this summer. It is 23 July already.

Apparently, his priorities are to finish the current season and deal with the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic, which seems a lot more logical. But that does not mean United should not be looking for a DoF in the near future.

Later Start To The New Season

And the latest piece of information. The Telegraph are reporting that the Premier League will consider a decision to allow Manchester United and two other clubs a delayed start to the 2020-21 season, depending on how far they go in this season’s European competitions. The other two clubs are Man City and Wolves, whilst the new Premier League campaign is set to start on 12 September.

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