Transfer Rumours: Jose Mourinho Reportedly Scouting “Four Left-Footed Players”

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It is not a secret that Manchester United are constantly testing the market to see if any big-name player suddenly becomes available.

The Red Devils have enough money and resources to sign almost any player in the world, so it’s not strange to see them linked with important players month after month. But this time, it seems Jose Mourinho has a plan he wants to follow. He believes Manchester United’s attacking line needs balance, and is already looking at a few names. And following a report from the Manchester Evening News, Mou wants to sign four big-name left-footed players. This transfer push could cost more than £200 million if all four players end up joining the side.

Which are we talking about? Specifically, these are the four elements Mou wants. Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale, Atletico Madrid’s Antoine Griezmann, Arsenal’s midfielder Mesut Ozil, and Spurs’ left-backDanny Rose. All four could end up joining Old Trafford if Mou plans are to be successful. And while we are talking big names, it’s not crazy to think all four could eventually arrive.

Analyzing Each Case Individually

Antoine Griezmann

Out of the four aforementioned players, Griezmann is the less likely to arrive at Old Trafford. Aside from the fact that The Red Devils would have to face competition from the likes of Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona as well as Atletico’s own reluctancy to sell, the French international is going to be extremely expensive.

Plus, where would Griezmann really play? He’s not a natural winger, and he is not technical enough to play on a deeper role behind the striker. He could be a second striker, but United already have Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Marcus Rashford and even Anthony Martial for that role. Not to mention that Romelu Lukaku is the striker, too. Griezmann would be quite an addition, but United do not really need him right now.

Gareth Bale

Bale, on the other hand, is a more-than-intruguing alternative. United have been looking to add at least one more winger for quite a while, and the Welsh international could be made available if United are willing to spend most of the money Real Madrid paid for him a few years ago.

Bale could slot either on the left or the right wing of the attack, and he would represent an immediate upgrade over the current in-house options. Not to mention he wants to return to England as well. Injuries might be a problem, but there aren’t many times when a player of Bale’s quality is available. For the right price, United should pounce on the opportunity.

Mesut Özil

Özil’s case is quite similar to Bale’s one. There have been talks of United having a pre-agreement with the German playmaker, but none of those reports have been true. If anything, all signs indicate Özil is willing to remain at Arsenal and test the market once the current season ends.

Mourinho loves Özil, but at the same time, he’s not a fan of players who don’t put effort on the defensive end. So maybe if Mourinho gets Özil to commit defensively, he could be an interesting addition. He would be a natural fit at the nº10 role, and would be an upgrade over Juan Mata and Henrikh Mkhitaryan, too. Much like Bale, United should try to take advantage if the chance arises.

Danny Rose

Last but not least, we have a competent defender such as Rose. The Tottenham left-back is reportedly out of favour with Mauricio Pochettino, and is desperate for an exit out of the London-based side. Mourinho wants a solution for the left-back role, and Rose represents exactly that.

Adding these four players would give United some much-needed balance. But it would also give the team enough depth to transform them into a perennial contender for the foreseeable future.

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