How Should Manchester United Handle Their Transfers This Summer?

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Manchester United will modify their transfer policy ahead of both next summer, and the upcoming transfer periods. Despite being one of the most popular and richest clubs in the world, The Red Devils do not want to target “world-class” players as a norm. Instead, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer wants the club to focus on young players and up-and-coming stars “in their mid-20s”.

That sounds quite nice as a club policy. If everything goes according to plan, then this could result in Manchester United building a sustainable winner on the long run (think about Victor Lindelof or Anthony Martial). But if it doesn’t pan out, then United might be left with a group of under-achieving players who failed to make the grade at Old Trafford (think about Danny Blind). There’s a lot of difference in how those players have performed at Old Trafford, right?

However, this change could lead to some big challenges in the near future. Especifically, it might complicate the way The Red Devils might handle their transfers during the upcoming period. On one hand, this is the first year where Solskjaer will begin to assemble the squad as he wants it. But on the other hand, there might be some key players available on the market. Names that could bolster the side considerably in their pursuit to try and catch the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City.

How should Manchester United handle some of their potential departures?

One particular aspect to note will be what Manchester United do with their players on an expiring contract. Both Juan Mata and Ander Herrera will see their respective deals run out at the end of the current term. Other names such as Eric Bailly and Alexis Sanchez have been linked with departures during the summer. But is this the year to let important, experienced players leave? Sure, neither Alexis nor Bailly have been good this season. But they are still serviceable alternatives, especially coming off the bench. The same goes for Mata. And Herrera should be a priority for Solskjaer given how good he’s been this season.

It remains to be seen what Manchester United will do once the transfer window opens up. But with or without a change on their approach, this next summer could be key for The Red Devils. It could be the year where United take a huge step forward when it comes to adding quality to the squad. Or it could also end up being another year where the opponents grab most of the headlines.

Your move, management.

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