Henrikh Mkhitaryan Will Be The Catalyst Of Manchester United Success


Henrikh Mkhitaryan must be enjoying his time at Manchester United. Last season, just upon his arrival from Borussia Dortmund, the Armenian international was in a different situation.

He was injured at the beginning of the season and later on, Mourinho did not want to rush him in. The Portuguese manager decided to bring him in slowly, step by step. He wanted Mkhitaryan to fully gel with his team-mates, before giving him plenty of playing time.

And Mourinho might have done Mkhitaryan a world of goods with that move. The attacking midfielder had a good season, but his new one at Old Trafford started in a furious fashion. Mkhitaryan might just be the catalyst for greater successes of Manchester United.

Mkhitaryan Is Outstanding Creative Outlet

He is a playmaker Manchester United craved for. He is the player who will bring assists on a regular basis, but can also score. His late runs into the box are very valuable when counter-attacking and his eye for goal is amazing.

In his final season in Dortmund, the Armenian scored 13 goals and assisted 20 times across Bundesliga and Europa League. If he comes anywhere near that, it will be enough for him to be in consideration for Player of the year award. More importantly, it will mean Manchester United had a great season.

It is simple. When he is in full form, his team-mates are scoring loads of goals. That is exactly what Manchester United were missing last season. It seems like Mourinho’s side is already on course of changing that.

The Reds have scored eight goals in opening two matches of the Premier League. It is something Man United have not done in past 110 years. Yet, it is hard not to see Mkhitaryan’s ‘fault’ here. He already collected four assists, being guilty for half of Man United’s goals this season. Two assists per game against West Ham and Swansea came from differing situations. There was a set-piece assist, there were some counter-attacking assists.

Mkhitaryan likes assisting. He likes it so much so that Nemanja Vidic compared him to Dimitar Berbatov.

Sparking The Fire In Tough Matches

Yet, Manchester United will not always have it easy. West Ham and Swansea showed displays worthy of sides destined for bottom part of the table this season. Man United will undoubtedly face stronger oppositions. Those teams will not leave as much space to Mourinho’s players. They will not tire after 60 or 70 minutes and then fall apart. Above all, those sides will be able to fight back and score goals themselves.

It is then that Mkhitaryan will be needed. As a player able to split defences in an instant, he will be needed. Man United will have games when nothing will work well and in those times, Mkhitaryan could change things up. He is good enough of a dribbler and could spark things for Man United. He knows how to create something out of nothing.

When he is on form, everyone around him are firing too. Mkhitaryan is ready to keep it that way.

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