Will De Gea move on this summer?

Rumours on the streets of Madrid suggest that De Gea will join La Blanca this summer come hell or high water, and we’re inclined to believe them. Having bided his time and not thrown his toys out the pram after the infamous fax machine incident, it would be a fickle fan that would begrudge the young Spaniard his dream move two years later than he anticipated.

It seems that De Gea himself has intimated that he wants to move and with the news that Real will pay whatever it takes to get their man, then it’s a bit of a foregone conclusion. However, although we won’t necessarily be opposed to the 26-year-old making his way back to Spain, we do have a right feel rather miffed that Real are buying a player they don’t really need.

You have to feel for Keylor Navas who, although suffering a bit of a slump in form, hasn’t really done much wrong since taking over as first choice keeper. The fact that Real Madrid are favourites for the Champions League and have just won La Liga seems to mean nothing to Florentino Perez who is determined to replace the Costa Rican with De Gea.

So assuming the deal will go through (deep down we all know it will) then who do we sign as a replacement? With the exception of Ibrahimovic and possibly Herrera, De Gea has been our best performer this season, and the club will have to go all out to find a suitable replacement that will walk straight into the team. Romero is a good solid keeper, but you get the feeling that Jose doesn’t see him as a number one, so who would he take an interest in?

There are reports that we may be in for Joe Hart but we’ll put that down to the redtops trying to make a story out of nothing. Fraser Forster is another possibility, but Southampton is a club that sells players for ridiculous sums of money. And if we get £30 million for De Gea, you can bet that Southampton will want at least £20-25 million for Forster. Jose is never afraid to splash out on players, but he’s not one for spending big on keepers.

The one solution that has yet to be mentioned is to include Navas in the De Gea deal. A quality goalkeeper with bags of Champions League experience and a suitcase full of cash could be quite a good deal. Some might argue that if he’s not good enough for Real, then he’s not good enough for us but the fact is that he is good enough for Real, they just don’t want him.

Reports of Navas’ struggle with form are a little wide of the mark. Yes, he has conceded more goals this season so far than he did all last season but to place blame on one player for such a stat is a tad unfair. The Real defence hasn’t been at its best of late, and it seems that their Costa Rican keeper is to be the scapegoat.

So will De Gea leave this summer? In all likelihood, yes and like we said, we won’t begrudge him the move. But the deal could be made all the sweeter if a certain ready-made replacement is shipped back in return.

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