Juan Mata exchange for Wayne Rooney is fiction, isn’t it?

Juan Mata has been linked in a player exchange move with Wayne Rooney
Juan Mata has been linked with a move to Manchester United in exchange for Wayne Rooney

No sooner had the fax, email or carrier pigeon (whatever clubs use to send a transfer deal across these days) been discussed with the FC Barcelona board over the potential sale of Cesc Fabregas, another talented Spaniard popped into the thoughts of United fans. The extremely gifted and quick footed Juan Mata was the subject of immense excitement this morning following the news that Chelsea had indeed bid £10million,and a player, for want away forward Wayne Rooney.

The players suggested for exchange were Juan Mata and some other bloke. United fans were laughing at the bid. Had Jose Mourinho continued his ‘egg’ madness since he left these shores in 2007? £10million and Juan Mata for Rooney? Amongst all the chaos and gossip, one thing was clear – United had rejected the bid out of hand, which would make any United fan angry and confused. Or, were United rejecting a different bid from Chelsea?

Its quite clear that Wayne Rooney is desperate for a move away from the club. Despite some cameo performances and some great passes, which we’ve become accustomed to over the years, last season was a massive disappointment for him – despite having a world class strike partner to link up with. Yes, he may have been played out of position – but he is good enough to deliver from anywhere attacking on the pitch, he just didn’t seem that up for it.

Its been well known his relationship with Sir Alex Ferguson broke down over the years and perhaps Ferguson’s parting shot, well we all like an extra pint at lunch on our last day of a job, was indeed a breach of Rooney’s trust if they did in fact have a private meeting where he stated he wanted to leave. Who cares when you’re leaving your job, hey? The activities over the past few weeks highlight that Wayne Rooney isn’t a very happy man at Old Trafford. Ferguson has fallen out with players before, but was he so adamant that Rooney’s time was up, he’d make his position untenable by revealing those details.

United are well aware that they are under no obligations to sell and in a World Cup year, which could well be the last World Cup Rooney plays in, know how important it is for him to be playing regularly. Edward Woodward spoke about contracts running down, David Moyes spoke about playing second fiddle – United know that Rooney has to play football next season for his own personal quest of delivering in a World Cup, which plays into United’s hands. Chelsea will have to be pay a hefty fee for the player, who was never going to be let go on the cheap with some paltry bid.

Players talk with other players from different clubs all the time. Its happened for years. Rooney is pals with a number of Chelsea players, who will no doubt be encouraging him to move south. This may have been going on for sometime, and even though many still believe Ferguson dropped Rooney for the Madrid game, I still feel it was a tactical decision – with young Danny Welbeck not giving Xabi Alonso a kick.

Would Wayne Rooney have been as disciplined as Welbeck was that night? Ferguson stated that Welbeck had the ability to do a defensive job and then counter as soon as United had the ball. Rooney would have been fine going forward, but as Andrea Pirlo found out to his delight in the European Championships last summer, the covering and hustling, may not have been.

To Juan Mata. A fabulous footballer and a great signing from Valencia. He, along with Hazard and Oscar can break at will and leave chasing fullbacks in their wake. It was his sublime pass that outfoxed Rio Ferdinand to find Demba Ba who exquisitely volleyed home to beat David De Gea in the 1-0 defeat back in April. In the running for players player of the year, notched up 28 assists for Chelsea (in all competitions) and is two years younger that Rooney – why would Chelsea offer such a talent up in exchange?

Well, as Mourinho stated (despite scratching his nose, a significant sign of someone lying, except for hooter face Phil Thompson), the bid was a cash bid (or most probably) – but was probably so far short of United’s asking price, due to Chelsea knowing Rooney wants to leave, that the bid was dismissed and incorrect information was leaked as a result. You try to unsettle one of our, already unsettled, players then we’ll do the same to you. There is no chance Juan Mata will be leaving, or the other fella, Chelsea for United this summer – its all part of the game.

Interestingly it was an attacking midfielder and a defender United included within the fictional bid – two positions United have been linked with this season. Benfica’s Ezequiel Garay has been linked with a move, whilst United have been attempting, unsuccessfully, to raid the Barcelona production line. Thiago opted for Bayern, whilst Cesc Fabregas is still subject to a bid from United. Some have suggested that the purchase of Neymar and Lionel Messi’s renegotiated contract means that the purse strings are tight at Las Ramblas from now on. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

So what did you make of the events of today? United and Chelsea fans, we welcome your comments below.

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  1. I would swap rooney for mata any day! It will take a key player away from chelsea and will create brilliant chances for RVP and chicarito much better than rooney has. However I dont think it’s a good idea to just sell rooney for money as there is not many people that can replace him at this time as they have all been snapped up! such as cavani, lewandowski and falcao which were all linked to man u at some point but unfortunately have moved to other clubs. If we were to sell rooney we should do a swap with chelsea for mata or sell him to a team in a other league so he is not a threat and will not be against his old club unless in the Europa or Champions league.

  2. What the hell is wrong wht chelsea how can we exg mata 2 rooney., i think there are somthng elles but 2 me.. j mata is better than all man united players… I,m chelsea fan ., now i think we don,t need 2 pay player,s as long s murinho is bck ..and juan mata edn hazard d luis oscar ..when u say i exchange this players then i think we are jokin

  3. Well if it had been true then i’m really baffled why it wasn’t accepted although MAn Utd might’ve thought that it being opening bid it should go up .

    In general my thought’s are –

    1.ManUtd were expecting second immproved bid.
    2.All this Rooney not happpy and wanting to go is just load of paper BS and simple as that he’s not for sale
    3.Or actualy D.Moyes is great at mind games and just tried to unsettle Chelsea players like they did with Roooney publicly saying stuff about wanting him and all that .

  4. Do you guys seriously still believe Chelsea offered Mata or Luiz? And then came back with a 22million pound bid…so Mata was valued at less than 12 mil by the Chelsea board? How about the fact that Mourinho has come out and said neither player was offered? I think this was an attempt by Moyes and Co. To cause some trouble in the Chelsea camp…well, he chose to do it at the wrong time. Because Mourinho is at the helm now and we know who is going to win this battle. If they didnt Iike the first offer, all they had to do was reject it. This lying to the press and leaking stories is a new ploy by United…and I fear they are sinking to new lows.

  5. On paper, Rooney is worth £25m, Mata & Luiz £35m. So it’s actually Rooney plus £10m to get Mata or Luiz.
    So we know the roo(ney)-mour(inho) is fake.

  6. Chelsea never offered Mata or Luiz for Rooney –if they had Rooney would have been wearing blue today already — your board would have bitten their own arm off for either of those players who are both worth more than Rooney without a cash addition. –Man U have played this really badly — they clearly don’t want Rooney and they’re trying to fool YOU the Man U fans before they sell him for a cash amount.

  7. R u kidding? i wouldnt trade rooney for mata.. i’ll think about it if they offer abramovich as the exchange for rooney..

  8. now we gonna lose rooney and get fuck all istead or some promising shitty player, fucking fergusson left nice present for moyes, cunt. and all fabregas nonsense it’s ridicilous, it’s so cheap – ed woodward really think to dupe scores of united fans to believe that this is real:))) but later they will say o sorry we tried but he was not for sale and he didnt wanted to move so we signed cabaye instead:DDD – mediocre player. watch this space:)

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