Robin Van Persie & Luka Modric linked with United

Arsenal's Robin Van Persie at the Emirates

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Robin Van Persie and Luka Modric have both been linked with moves to Manchester United in the press today, with many reds shocked at the notion of the Arsenal captain moving to Old Trafford. It appears that Van Persie will leave Arsenal this summer, after failing to agree a new contract with the North London club. He also released a statement informing the Arsenal fans as to the reasons why he would not be renewing his contract. Luka Modric has been unsettled for some time and was subject of a £40million move to Chelsea last summer. Now that Tottenham, unluckily, are not in the draw for 2012/13 Champions League, it seems that Modric will be on his way out of the club – providing his valuation is met.

Mirror links Van Persie to United

Despite much excitement amongst the forums this morning, I have to say that I can’t see either player moving to Old Trafford. Having said that, Robin Van Persie is quite possibly the best striker (excluding Messi and Ronaldo) in Europe at present and has had a glorious season. Many will no doubt point to his injury record as a doubt and of course, it plays a massive part towards a potential purchase. Ruud van Nistelrooy’s move to United had to be delayed by a season when he failed a medical, before breaking down in a PSV training session.

But United, if the story were indeed true, would be up against rivals Manchester City, Juventus and big spenders PSG, who already have added Zlatan Ibrahimovic to their squad for next season. Manchester United simply can’t compete with the riches of Manchester City, Chelsea or the Paris club – which is an enormous factor. The purchase of the Dutchman would also go against United’s recent transfer policy of signing players under the age of 27.

Michael Owen was the last player, in 2009, to move to Manchester United over the age of 27 and that was on a free transfer. The Mirror stated that Sir Alex Ferguson informed “footballing friends” that he believes Manchester United have won the race to sign the player. For me, it is a complete non-starter, a bit like the Theirry Henry to Manchester United rumour in 2008.

Luka Modric available….for £35Million

I’ve always been a massive fan of the Croatian playmaker, despite many reds I’ve spoken to having doubts about the amount of goals he gets. I thought he was exceptional in the 0-0 draw back in 2010/11 and I blogged back in 2010 (when there was again press speculation linking him with a move to Old Trafford) about how he could have a big impact at United. Again, I the £35Million fee is a massive issue, with little ‘sell on’ value (as quote by Fergie on other transfer speculations) for a player who is approaching 27.

The BBC stated that there has been ‘continuous interest’ from three different clubs – with Real Madrid, PSG and Manchester United the clubs in question. Yesterday, the Tottenham manager, Andre Villas-Boas, was quoted as saying:

“There has been continuous interest from three different clubs. But it is important for Tottenham to hold onto their rights. His situation will continue as it is until the price is right. It’s important to understand his feelings. We have been speaking and I understand his point and he understands the club’s point.

Earlier in the summer he also spoke about the fact that he believes Modric, who signed for the cub in 2008, would be on his way:

“It’s fair to say that the club respects Luka’s ambitions and his willingness to move on and he respects the fact that he’s an important player for the club and can help us move forward. Ongoing discussions will continue with these clubs until we reach an agreement which is acceptable for each party.”

Luka Modric is under contract until 2016, so Tottenham Hotspur can demand any price they like for their player. United fans know all about an unhappy player, in Ronaldo, being unsettled by Real Madrid and Ramon Calderon’s pursuit in 2008. As Ronaldo was under contract, United could demand the £80million fee that Real Madrid paid for him. Having said that, when a player (as Ronaldo was and it appears Van Persie & Modric are) is unsettled – it is difficult to hold on to them longer than one season.

So, to conclude, I can’t see either of these players heading to Old Trafford, due to the riches that other clubs can offer both the players and the clubs. United have also been linked with a big money move for Brazilian youngster Lucas Moura, although the £30million branded around is quite ridiculous.

Can you see either Van Persie or Modric moving to Old Trafford? If so, what type of fee would they command? Arsenal fans – do you think Van Persie will remain at your club, or do you think he is Manchester City bound (the obvious favourites)? Lastly, Tottenham fans, will Luka Modric leave White Hart Lane this summer – if so, where do you think he’ll end up? Comments are open.

14 Comments on Robin Van Persie & Luka Modric linked with United

  1. Haha cute…neither of these players will be MUFC players this summer and that’s a fact! And to be honest, I don’t think we’ll be signing any1 in my opinion. I can also see why Fergie hasn’t gone out and replaced Hargreaves, Gibson and Fletcher…look at the talent coming through in the likes of Petrucci, Tunicliffe and Jesse Lingard. I can see Fergie giving these lads a chance and why not!? What’s the point of building and developing players through the academy for years and not giving them a fair and proper chance to prove themselves on the big stage. Say if we bring in a world class midfielder…yes I’d be pretty happy to be fair BUT what would it say for the development of these players I’ve mentioned above?? We’ve lost 2 massive talents in Ravel and Paul so come on Fergie – believe in Youth and give the kids a chance again. I’m convinced theyw ont let us down! Great set of lads! We’ll be alright I have no doubt! Oh and can’t wait to see Kagawa in the mix on Saturday. Looks like a mint player we have on our books. Get in! Viva Kagawa, Viva Kagawa, he comes from Japan…he is the fucking man! Viva Kagawa!

  2. Pat – I agree, I doubt either of these transfer will happen. Would love to know who these ‘Football Friends’ are that Fergie has revealed this information to.

  3. Hmmm, great poll lol. How can there be an option for no one in a poll that asks who will be the last signing. They have already signed a player so by default he becomes the last signing.

  4. Ryan, you’ve never heard of ‘No one Gonzalez’ of Lyon? Do you watch football? 😉

    To be honest, it is a pretty minimal point of the blog/story, isn’t it? United might not sign anyone, which is why I wanted to include the option. Would you like me to modify the wording of the question?

    Poll changed for Ryan!

  5. And I’d hate it if we do actually sign Van Persie! To be honest, I can’t stand the man! He’s an arrogant bellend! I’ll never forget last seasons CL match between Arsenal and Barca(not sure if it was the home or away leg) and how RVP was carrying on like a 5 year old complaining the whole game and behaving like a complete wanker! I couldn’t believe it! Pushing players, screaming at his teammates, arguing with refs, throwing his arms in the air etc…what a cunt! Whoever gets the guy can have him.

  6. Pat – wasn’t it against Newcastle where he had an altercation with Krul? I still think he is an exceptional player and any club would be lucky to have him. Great talent. Does it matter if you’re arrogant though? Romario was a right arrogant sod, but that didn’t bother the fans or players when he was banging in the goals.

  7. We do not need RvP. We do not need Moura. Modric could p;ossibly add to the team but he obviously doesn;t particularly want to come to Utd so sod him too.

    The priority should be a defensive midfielder though

  8. I don’t hate RVP. I hope he moves to Italy or MC. As for the red faced his condescending attitude towards others is what make many people turn off aginst him.
    As for Wenger he is deluded if he thinks his philosophy will work .That is why so many players have left. You don’t find other clubs of the gunners stature sell their players every season.
    The reason is obvious. They have lost faith in him. They don’t think the gunners can ever win the epl although they came pretty close a few times only to choke at the finishing line.
    If it happens again this coming season,Wenger shd be axed,. No ifs and buts. I just hope he can prove doubters wrong.

  9. I’m a huge fan of modric. He showed against a Spanish team full of world class midfielders he can cut it with the best. He has consistently performed at tottenham and made them one of the best teams in the country. He is just what utd need as he is full of talent, experience and still at a good age. The money being talked about for lesser players isn’t far off what they want for modric so why not go for it?!
    As for RVP I’m not so sure, he is a very good player who could easily fit in to the utd set up. But that would just be throwing money into areas that aren’t needed. We have three great forwards in Rooney, Welbeck and Hernandez and the later two are developing well. With RVP that would be hindered. As jeff mentioned we need to focus on a defensive midfielder. In Europe last season we were taken apart and dominated by teams who we were talked as being a lot weaker. That has to be the wake up call that we need to finally bring in someone that can break up attacks and show resilience in the middle of the park. The keane influence if you like! Specially now Darren fletcher is out for so long!

  10. I don’t see Modric happening purely down to price and he does seem nailed on for Madrid. I also think SAF has a blind spot when it comes to this midfield. Even though it has been a blatant problem to getting a foot hold in big games since Keane’s departure.
    Hargreaves gave us brief respite for 1 season but since then there has been no real dynamic driving force.
    Although most of us will agree CM is the position we would like to see filled I would not be surprised to see RVP tip up at Old Trafford.
    SAF has always placed importance on goals scored & goal difference and last years title finale will have turned an obsession into paranoia.
    As much as the lads Chicha & Welbeck are great and may go on to be top players no one can deny that adding a word class striker like RVP would improve the team.
    On the other hand his injury record ain’t great and would be concern as we seem to get more than our fair share of injuries.

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