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Liverpool’s influential goalkeeper Pepe Reina has again been linked today with a move away from Anfield to Old Trafford, after he failed to rule out a move to the league leaders. The Spanish goalkeeper has been a key figure for his club since his 2005 move from Villarreal, but with Liverpool lingering behind teams chasing champions league football next season – he may opt for a move away in the summer.

Manchester United of course are on the lookout for a new number one after the news that Edwin Van der Sar will retire at the end of the season. Many names have been touted around as possible replacements, including David De Gea, Manuel Neuer and Igor Akinfeev.

Pepe Reina spoke to a Spanish radio show and was quoted as saying:

“Yes, well Van der Sar will hang up his gloves in the summer so of course they are looking. I can’t do anything. I can’t say anything logically as I have a contract with Liverpool. Of course one likes to fight for titles and be in a team that does that. We always fought to be in the Champions League and try to win the title. But unfortunately it hasn’t been the case in the last couple of years. I won’t lie, I want to play in the Champions League and challenge for titles,”

Although I rate Reina as a top quality goalkeeper, I can’t see this move happening whatsoever. A couple of years ago Heinze openly wanted to move to Anfield, however Ferguson decided to sell the wound up Argentinian to Real Madrid, a side he “would not sell a virus to” apparently. I’m not stating that Heinze is anywhere near the importance that Reina is to Liverpool – I just can’t see the move materialising.

My money would be on David De Gea, however he is still quite young compared to the other candidates. Van der Sar moved to Old Trafford in the summer of 2005 – and has been one of Fergie’s best signings, so I don’t know if it really matters as to the age of the goalkeeper. Phil Chisnall remains the last player to be transferred directly between the two clubs – back in 1964. Someone asked me on Twitter recently about Ramon Calliste, who was transferred to Liverpool on a free in 2005 – however, he didn’t make a first team appearance for United.

What do you think? Can you see Reina moving to Old Trafford if Liverpool don’t get Champions League football? If so, how much would you pay for the Spaniard?

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12 Comments on Pepe Reina Manchester United Transfer Talk

  1. Do we really want Scouse cast offs? 😉
    Yes, Reina is a good keeper, but I can’t see him as a United keeper. David De Gea & Manuel Neuer look better options to me.

  2. No ta, or should it be la? Although it would send scousers apoplectic with rage, it’s not worth sullying the United shirt with this piece of $%&te.

  3. Pass, Akinfeev is still the best option available at this point, I’m not entirely sold on De Gae quite yet. Neuer reminds me of Barthez especially with his world cup howler. If not Akinfeev I’d take a gamble on Mandanda, if you’re not familiar with him, you will be after our two matches against OM

  4. Personally I would like Neuer, though if you listen to journos he seems to be heading to Bayern.
    Stekelenberg, Adler and Neuer,(not sure about Akinfeev, 12 months?)currently have less than 18 months left on their contracts so if they don’t renew they could be had cheapish.
    Apparently, although De Gea has a buy out clause,I don’t think this is enforceable between different leagues ie he can only move within Spain if a Spanish club offer him said buyout clause.

  5. ChillMike – I have to say that Akinfeev rarely impresses me…I think he’s really not developed as football fans (and football manager) once thought – he’s also just signed a new contract. Mandanda really wouldn’t be right for us; erratic doesn’t begin to describe him!!

  6. People want Neuer? The same Manuel Neuer who looked completely rattled by ENGLAND at the World Cup for a long chunk of the game? No thanks.

    I have no issue with signing Reina if the price is right, but the only way that’s liable to happen is if he throws his toys out of the pram (which I don’t see him doing) and we have no part in causing him to do so, which I’d rather we didn’t.

  7. Of the goalkeepers I’ve seen much of I still like Akinfeev, though I’m wondering why his name’s barely been mentioned recently.

  8. To be honest, I don’t think he’s really progressed much over the past few years. Can’t say I’ve been impressed when I’ve seen him. He’s slow off his line and not known for being vocal or a good communicator. He also recently signed a new contract. All the buzz about him from a few years ago has somewhat regressed

  9. I don’t what keeper, if any, I’d snap your hand off for.

    After a long time at the top Buffon’s apparently starting to pick up too many injuries. Casillas, maybe? I mean he’s got flaws but the number of points he’s saved behind Real’s leaky defences over the years is huge and he’s got a good few years left in him if he looks after himself. Even then, if Real didn’t just refuse any offers and if he was interested they’d probably try to fleece anybody who wanted him.

    I dunno whether it’s to do with more organised teams meaning goalies have to save less games single-handed or if it’s becsause FIFA’s insistence on balls weighing less than a breath of fresh air taking so much (even a lot of goals) completely out of their hands, but I don’t know that there’s the same number of elite goalkeepers as there used to seem to be.

  10. i bloody hope not! we shouldn’t give him any chance of winning a medal with united after his long association with liverpool.

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