Paul Scholes believes Paul Pogba is not worth the money Juventus are asking

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes believes that although he is a very talented young player, Paul Pogba isn’t worth the money that is being branded around and feels that type of fee should only be discussed for a player who can hit fifty goals a season – like Lionel Messi or Cristinao Roanldo.

Ironically Pogba has cited in the past that Scholes’ return to the first team in 2012, following his retirement the season before, was one of the reasons as to why he left Old Trafford for Juventus four years ago.

Scholes, who played 718 times for the club and scored 155 goals, has seen an improvement in the player from when they were teammates in 2012, which would have happened naturally of course with the Frenchman maturing and gaining valuable first team experience at Juventus. Scholes cited that he believed the reason Pogba did depart was that he was asking for too much money, considering he was a player who had achieved very little in his early career:

He was a very talented young player, I played with him and I knew how good he was. He played for the first team maybe once or twice, but from my understanding he was asking for too much money [before he departed the club in 2012]

For his age, he was asking for far too much money, for a player who hasn’t played first-team football. OK, he has gone on to great things. I think certainly there has been a lot of improvement. He needed to improve if he is going to be a player worth £86m.

He went on to say that that type of fee should only be reserved for the likes of Messi and Ronaldo, who can hit you a half century of goals each season:

I just don’t think he is worth £86m. For that sort of money, you want someone who is going to score 50 goals a season like Ronaldo or Messi. Pogba is nowhere worth that kind of money yet.

Earlier in the week, CEO of M.U.S.T Duncan Drasdo, tweeted an interesting overview of United’s transfer history and based upon the club’s turnover – Pogba would work out as the third most expensive transfer of all time [if indeed he leaves for £100], behind Rio Ferdinand in second and Seba Veron is top spot:

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