Man United Step Up Chase For Maguire, Vidic Return On The Cards?

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Maguire Is A Wanted Man

Manchester United are stepping up their game for Harry Maguire! July has started and it is time to get the big job done. Several journalists and media outlets confirmed that Man United have indeed offered £70m for Harry Maguire. Leicester City board rejected the offer, but it was reported they were aware of Maguire’s wishes of leaving the club. Leicester’s valuation of the player is over £70m and it looks like Man United will have to improve their offer.

According to The Sun, Maguire has told Leicester wants to leave the club now and that could make an impact at the current situation. Leicester obviously feel they can get at least £80m for Maguire, although some sources claim their asking price is still set high at £90m.

The Telegraph reported that the Devils will have to pay more than £90m for Harry Maguire if they want to sign him. As things stand, Man United remain the only serious bidder, but not at a price where Leicester’s ownership would be prepared to sell. That is making things different and Ed Woodward and his associates will have a big question to answer – how far is it worth going for the England international. Paying premium prices for the players you want is something big teams do – no even with Tottenham Hotspur signing Tanguy Ndombele – but is Maguire such a gamechanger?

We will have to see.

Nemanja Vidic To Return To Manchester?

And then another big story broke out this Tuesday – Nemanja Vidic has been offered a chance to return to Manchester United!

This story broke in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Nenad Lalatovic, head coach of Serbian football club Vojvodina and Vidic’s best man, spoke about his close friend. He was asked about what is happening with the man whose best man he was at his wedding almost a decade ago and Lalatovic was quite open about everything.

“He got an offer to coach Man United B [Man United U23s]. I told him that is perfect for him if he wants to coach, but he has not decided yet. Vida is in Milan, still thinking whether he will be a coach. I told him “It’s a perfect chance for you to return to England, one day you’ll take over Manchester United. You’re world’s best ever defender”. I’m cheering for him to accept the offer, then hopefully one day he would bring Man Utd where they belong”, Lalatovic said to Bosnian TV Elta.

A whole lot of Man United fans cheered for this idea, remembering the great captain that won it all at Old Trafford. During his eight years at the club, Man United become the best team in the world and nostalgia definitely kicked in once these news broke out. However, no other confirmation has been given in regards to these claims. Man United have not made a comment about this, nor did Vidic. However, the thought of having him back at Old Trafford…

“Nemanja, woaaaah…”

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