Five (Realistic) Things We Wish Manchester United In 2019

The year 2018 is behind us and we look ahead to everything 2019 will bring us. Manchester United will play their first match in the New Year against Newcastle on 2 January, but we are now looking at the whole year in front of us. We will be going through things we would like to see from Manchester United in the next 12 months.

Sure, it would be easy to want some huge changes right away and incredible results, but we wanted to be as realistic as possible. The biggest reason for that would be to show how the club and the team could be hugely improved with reasonable thinking and proper strategy in place.

Play Scintillating Football

This is something all Man United fans want to see from their players. Coming to the Theatre of Dreams should be fun and the Devils should be playing fun football. Even if that means Man United still remain some time away from the ultimate top of English football, at least the fans will enjoy the ride.

It was far from fun in 2018 and that needs to be changed. United can play high quality, entertaining and modern football. That is not a huge requirement.

Qualify For Champions League

We are already looking towards the next season. Some might say that is looking too far ahead, but great teams think ahead and plan their future with care. Man United need to play Champions League football. Maybe next season the best chance of mounting any kind of title push would be like Chelsea and Liverpool did in this previous decade, by not playing in any European competitions.

But, that is not realistic and not something you should strive for. Man United can achieve greatness through being consistent and improving gradually. Playing Europa League in the autumn of 2019 would be a step back.

Knock Paris Saint Germain Out Of Champions League

But before autumn, there will be spring. And Man United will play PSG in round of 16. The French team topped the group with Liverpool and Napoli and that is quite telling about their quality. With Mbappe, Neymar and Cavani up front, United will have a tough task stopping them, but it would be such a great feat beating them over two legs. They represent pretty much everything that is wrong with modern football and after Barcelona and Real Madrid, the Devils could become the third legendary European club to beat the French champions in Champions League round of 16.

Bring In A Director Of Football

Manchester United need a director of football. He would take the job of making a strategy for building a team for long-term from Ed Woofward and the Devils would become a club that works the way modern clubs should. This is a behemoth of a club and it cannot run the way it was run under Ferguson. Sir Alex is one and only.

Have A Coherent Summer Transfer Window

This is something United did not have since Sir Alex days. The club needs a proper strategy and a plan, that is why a director of football is a necessity, but also a new manager/head coach. Someone needs to come in and instill a strategy of how a team will play in the following years. It will be easier then to buy players fitting for the system and United would have a better structure for improving the squad for years to come.

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