Could Manchester United Really Land Jerome Boateng?

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Manchester United’s 1-1 draw against San Jose Earthquakes offered new ideas and solutions for Jose Mourinho. The Guardian have reported that the manager thinks Ashley Young and Antonio Valencia should stay first full-back options, with Luke Shaw and Diogo Dalot offering depth. However, this time we will concentrate on the centre-back problem.

The thing is simple – Man United need a centre-back. The board is looking to strengthen the heart of defence and several names are in conversation. Toby Alderweireld is one of the options, while Harry Maguire was touted as the favourite to sign with the Devils. Yet, now there is another name being whispered – Jerome Boateng.

The German centre-back is one of the best players in his position in the past five years. He has been part of Bayern Munich since leaving Manchester City in 2011. Since then, he made huge progress to become a crucial part of Bayern’s team. In the seven years since moving to Bavaria, Boateng had played 305 matches in Bundesliga and Champions League alone. He won the Champions League in 2013 and multiple Bundesliga titles.

So, is this actually doable? Could Manchester United land the 29-year old?

Right now this looks like a tough task. Manchester United have just over two weeks until the transfer window ends and if they were actually to go for Boateng, they would have to be really quick. Moves between such big clubs usually take time, almost exclusively it is about weeks and not days. With the size and financial power of Bayern Munich, it would be even harder to do that.

Italian and other foreign media have been linking Boateng with PSG, but since recently Manchester United are also being brought up into conversation. It is hard to say how truthful or realistic those claims are, but we can be quite certain that the Devils did not send an official offer for the player.

Another thing that would make things harder is the current outlook of the situation in Manchester. United are not in a good situation right now, as the club has not done too much work this summer. If Boateng was to leave Munich, he would be coming to a team with a poor transfer window. It would be a step back for defender, as he would be leaving one of the best clubs in the world for a huge club that seems to be in a bit of a chaos right now.

That is why Boateng will most probably not come to United. The club would have to offer both Bayern and Boateng to make them rethink it all. Boateng is familiar with Manchester, having previously played for City. However, it is hard seeing a scenario in which Boateng would be happy to leave Munich. Things in Germany are rosy for him, even after a catastrophic World Cup result.

Manchester United will have to look elsewhere. Harry Maguire is far more realistic option, while United should also look at players from other leagues. Signing a centre-back must be priority in these couple of weeks. Who that will be we will have to wait a little bit longer.

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