Marcus Rashford Unhappy, But Manchester United Are Not Keen To Sell Him

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One of Manchester United’s top youngsters is reportedly unhappy with his current status within the club.

According to a report from the Mirror, Marcus Rashford is extremely unhappy about his status at Manchester United. The 20-year-old believes he should have more playing time and he might push for a summer exit if things do not change in the final weeks of the season. But does Rashford have an argument big enough to ask for an exit or even a bigger role within the team?

The numbers indicate that the forward has made 43 appearances for Jose Mourinho’s team this season. However, only 22 of those have come in the starting XI, and he has lost the role he had earlier in the campaign as the season advanced. The emergence of Jesse Lingard as a reliable option upfront and the arrival of Alexis Sanchez have limited Rashford’s options of being a regular starter. He basically needs to compete with Anthony Martial and Juan Mata for the right-winger role, and so far he is losing the battle.

Why leaving United isn’t the best option for him

But to ask for a change of scenery? At 20 years of age? That seems like a stretch. Rashford needs to earn his role and secure a starting spot by his means, not wait until he gets one “just because”. Sure, he might be the team’s best Academy player in a very long time, and could also start over Lingard in the England National Team. But that shouldn’t make him an automatic starter, especially if his recent performances have not been up to the standard required.

The numbers do not lie in that department, either. Rashford only has two goals in his last 10 appearances across all competitions, although both came during the 2-1 derby win over Liverpool. And if we look at the entire season, then he has 14 goals and six assists in 49 appearances.

Positive numbers or not, Rashford is not going anywhere. Manchester United already announced they won’t entertain any bids for the talented youngster since he remains an integral part of the team’s future. And that should definitively be the case. Rashford might not be playing NOW, but there is no question he is a talented player. And his time will surely come, because he has already proven time and time again he can perform in the bigger stages.

Who knows? Maybe a big World Cup is what he needs to convince everyone he needs to be a starter in this team. But United shouldn’t rush things out. He needs to remain with the side because he’s the future of the club. Plain and simple.

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