Three Players Manchester United Should Not Pursue This Summer

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Things at Manchester United are clear. Only FA Cup could be won this season, the second place in the Premier League looks set for the Devils and the Champions League campaign has been very disappointing. That leads us to the transfer window, as the situation over there should be clear as well – Manchester United must improve this summer in several areas if they are to challenge for the biggest titles.

That means Man United must get in new players which will make things work. Getting high quality players with winning mentality and leadership is what is necessary for this team. Yet, this time, we will discuss those players Manchester United should not pursue this summer, from many different reasons.

Gareth Bale

The Welshman has been connected to United for a long time. The Devils must be a huge club when Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale are always linked with them, yet the first of the two names will not happen and the latter one should not either.

Former Tottenham Hotspur player has played less than 1500 minutes this season, which combined with the last term means he has virtually spent more time off the pitch than on it. Put into the equation that Bale turns 29 this summer and has not been at his highest level for two or three years and you get a player that will be very expensive to get and could easily be a poor deal for United.

Antoine Griezmann

The Frenchman is a different story. Griezmann plays for the other Madrid club and has been heavily linked with Barcelona in recent months. Which makes sense, as Barcelona want only the best players. Yet, here is the thing. Antoine Griezmann might work out better for Barca then how he would for Man United.

Griezmann is not a player known for his leadership skills or a strong personality, which is where players can struggle with Jose Mourinho. If he was to join United this summer, there would be a lot of interest to see how he would work with Mourinho and if the manager could get the most out of such a talented player. If not, getting a player for more than 100 million pounds would be a waste of money.

Ivan Perisic

The Inter Milan winger has been heavily linked with Manchester United last summer but that deal never materialized. If it did not go off then, it should not go off this summer either. The 29-year old is also entering his later stage of the career and that in itself is not always a bad thing. He could have a couple more good seasons, but a) are those two or three seasons enough for Man United right now? and b) is Perisic good enough to instantly improve this side?

I am not sure about either. He has been one of the best players for Inter this season, scoring eight goals and assisting further six in a low-scoring side. His work rate would be welcome at Old Trafford and Mourinho could have the exact idea what he would do with Perisic on the pitch, but this signing would still feel like a signing of a team satisfied with a top four finish.

Manchester United will not be satisfied with that in May 2019. The goal is to win the Premier League title.

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  1. Mourinho prefers players closer to 30 than few years younger. There is a massive obsession with Bale. The resale value after 1 year will be 0. Spending big, throwing money at players do not necessarily make them better. Pogba failed to live up to the hype. Sanchez… we do not know yet?

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