Is This Paul Pogba’s Last Season Playing For Manchester United?

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Few things are more uncertain right now than Paul Pogba’s future at Manchester United.

Even though the French superstar joined the team looking to be the leader of a “new” Manchester United, the truth is that those leadership traits have not been noticeable of late. In fact, Pogba has looked more and more uncomfortable on the team, and some believe that discomfort has affected his level of play. To be fair, Pogba does not look like an €88M player right now.

For instance, his lack of attitude was apparent during Manchester United’s UEFA Champions League match against Sevilla. The Red Devils needed a spark off the bench and one would have thought Pogba could have provided that, but it wasn’t further from the truth. The former Juventus player kept missing easy passes, wasn’t running at full speed and, if you ask me, it seemed as if he didn’t care about winning or losing.

These problems are nothing new with Pogba, though. Let’s remember he already left the team once when Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t promise him a big role in the first team as a teenager. He’s now back with the club, but it seems he’s never happy. He has complained about his position in the pitch, his playing time, and now the fact that Alexis Sanchez has a higher wage. Sure, Sanchez is not going to change the team overnight and has not been the saviour many expected. But Pogba has not filled that role either.

In fact, it is quite valid to start think whether Pogba has a future with the club. He is clearly not on the same page as Mourinho and when that happens, one of them has to go. With several teams interested in Pogba if he were available, parting ways with him does not sound like a bad move at all. Sure, he would be missed. But United could use that money to improve in other areas of the pitch.

For instance, parting ways with Pogba could allow United to sign two top-tier midfielders. Can you imagine, for instance, the likes of Toni Kroos and Marco Verratti playing at Old Trafford? Based on current form, having those two over Pogba feels like a substantial upgrade. And it’s not because Kroos or Verratti are miles better than Pogba. It’s just an attitude problem that complicates the French international. And it seems those issues will remain with him until the end of his playing days.

On the other hand, it seems a bit risky to just let him go. Players like Pogba do not grow on trees, and his game is tailor-made for the Premier League. Even if he is going through a rough patch right now, it’s too soon to give up on him. Mourinho certainly hasn’t given up. So why would us, fans, do that? It doesn’t make any sense, especially considering the kind of player we are talking about. Pogba might be a lot of things, but he is one of the best midfielders in the world when he is on top form.

Only time will tell whether this is Pogba’s final year at Old Trafford. But it’s clear he needs to make some attitude changes. Otherwise, he might on his way out of the club for the second time in a decade. And this time it would be for good.

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  1. You nailed it! If egos could be set aside & handle the job seriously, Man U could be a team to reckon with. I still feel Pogba is what United in the final third.

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