Manchester United Show Big Improvements Against The Big Six Sides

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Manchester United won against Liverpool on Saturday afternoon in one of the biggest Premier League clashes, further securing themselves in second place in the standings. Two Marcus Rashford goals from the only two shots on target were quite a Mourinho-esque way to seal the match, as Eric Bailly scored an unfortunate own goal in the second half.

However, that was enough for a big win. And more importantly, it was never really questioned, as Liverpool did not quite play up to their standards. It could be said that the visitors were not at their highest level, but it must be also said that the biggest part of that was down to Jose Mourinho’s tactics and United’s overall display.

Two Big Wins In Quick Succession

You could look at this from several angles. Two big wins in quick succession could mean a great victory against great rival just days after an incredible comeback against Crystal Palace. Yet, that is not my point exactly. This win against Liverpool came just after that 2-1 win over Chelsea a fortnight ago.

That is a big deal for this team as Manchester United were quite often thought of as a team that struggles against the best Premier League sides. Yet, things stand like this. Against champions Chelsea, they have one win and one defeat. Against Tottenham as well, while winning four out of six possible points against Liverpool. City managed to win back in December, but the return match is yet to be played, as well as the match against Arsenal. Their first encounter was 3-1 win for United at the Emirates.

That is not bad at all. United showed big improvements in these last matches against Liverpool and Chelsea. The manner in which these victories occurred is also something that should be looked at. Chelsea were the ones to take a lead, after a goal from Willian. Yet, United fought back quickly. Romelu Lukaku was incremental, as he scored an equalizer minutes later. Later on, his assist for Jesse Lingard completely broke the champions.

A Lot To Be Learned From These Victories

Against Liverpool some things were similar and some were even better. It was similar how important Lukaku was for Man United and how well he played all around the pitch. This time he did not score, but he basically set both Rashford goals. The biggest difference this time was that United came to 2-0 lead inside of the first half and then were able to keep the lead with calmness and composure.

Both of these wins were a bit Mourinho-esque. The first one proved that Mourinho sides can still be tough to break even when you have the lead. Something similar they proved again against Crystal Palace, while the Liverpool win was a typical thing for the manager. Manchester United kept pushing with a simple gameplan where the rival was the weakest, scoring two quick goals and then shutting the game.

There are plenty of positives to be taken from these victories, but now is needed a third big win in a row. Sevilla will visit Manchester this midweek and United must continue in this way. The win will mean the Champions League quarterfinals. A slip up would be unacceptable indeed.

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