Manchester United Must Avoid A Mid-Season Exit From Sergio Romero

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Sergio Romero is reportedly pushing for a Manchester United exit during the current transfer window.

David De Gea is the clear starter between the posts for Manchester United, which has relegated Romero to a secondary role. The Argentina international is not happy with that outcome, obviously. And he is reportedly considering an exit from Old Trafford during the January transfer window. Per sources close to the player, Romero has offers from LaLiga, the Premier League, and the Argentina Super Liga to continue his career.

Needless to say, United must avoid a potential exit from Romero at all costs. He might not have logged many minutes during the current season, but he is quite important for the team going forward.

Why Romero must stay with the team

First of all, he provides a great insurance policy in case De Gea suffers an injury. Romero is a talented goalkeeper who could easily start in several teams. That’s a luxury not many teams have. And while Romero’s concerns are understandable since he does not want to arrive to the 2018 World Cup with few minutes under his belt, sometimes the better decision is staying put. And considering United still have the UEFA Champions League and the FA Cup on the horizon, Romero will get several chances to play during the remainder of the season.

Furthermore, the team does not have a suitable player on the squad to assume as De Gea’s backup alternative. Sam Johnstone is on a season-long deal at Aston Villa, but there are doubts whether he is good enough for the Premier League, or if he is just a Championship-level goalkeeper. The other alternative is Joel Pereira, but he is quite young and inexperienced to assume that role. Pereira’s best-case scenario was a loan spell elsewhere, but United could not remain with just two goalkeepers on the squad. Either way, he is not good enough – at least not yet – to be De Gea’s back up.

How can United keep him happy?

Perhaps extending Romero’s contract could be a solution. Maybe United can offer him a bigger weekly wage. They might not be able to promise him more playing time. However, Mourinho could have a talk with him to give him security over the next few months. Every player wants to feature on a weekly basis, and there is no question Romero wants that, too. But he is the clear top choice in Argentina, and Jorge Sampaoli loves him. Romero is not going to miss the World Cup even if he does not play one more minute during the current season. And if he moves elsewhere – who says he will become a regular starter? There are lots of factors to consider there, as well.

The situation is quite simple. United need to avoid a mid-season exit from Romero at all costs. It would weaken the side, and it would also force United to find another goalkeeper during the transfer window. Considering the team needs to improve in other areas, this is something United do not need at the moment. Especially when there are lots of things at stake for the club during the second half of the season.

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