Manchester United Linked With Cristiano Ronaldo Once Again As The Player’s Tactics Remain The Same

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Another transfer window and another old story resurfaces. You are correct. It is about Cristiano Ronaldo and Manchester United. Again, you think? Yes, why not? This story cannot grow old, it seems, as Real Madrid star keeps repeating the same moves as he did many times during previous years. Is it any different this time around? Should Manchester United fans be excited? And why is this a story six months after the last time it was a big story? It seems like an unavoidable cycle that keeps repeating.

If you are immersed into football media and follow it on a regular, daily basis, you would be tempted to think this story never stopped in the first place. Manchester United have been linked to Cristiano Ronaldo last summer, just months after the Portuguese player won another Champions League trophy with Real Madrid. The Spanish club won the double last term, but there was talk of the player moving on.

As we said that time, linking Cristiano Ronaldo with a move to Manchester United is ridiculous. To be completely honest, it was not a prophecy or clairvoyance, just a simple common sense. Now, six months later, the story resurfaces amidst Real Madrid’s crisis.

Cristiano Ronaldo Story Is Back! Or did it ever go away?

The European champions are currently 19 points behind Barcelona (does it really matter that they have a game in hand?) and will not win La Liga this season. They keep losing points, and even regularly losing them at Santiago Bernabeu. They will play against PSG – who trounced Dijon 8-0 on Wednesday – and for all we know now, Madrid might not even reach quarterfinals.

So, from that point of you, it might make sense for Ronaldo wanting to move on. He could start fresh at his old club Manchester United and finish his career in the city he loved so much. But is that really going to happen. This January – most definitely not.

First of all, this is a regular tactic Ronaldo uses against Real Madrid in order to get a new contract. His team of people around him started rumours last summer as they wanted for Ronaldo a new, improved deal which would match his status after second straight Champions League trophy.

And he got that deal. However, since that happened, Lionel Messi signed a new deal at Barcelona, while Neymar got his huge contract at PSG. That is what bothers Ronaldo, but what a very important question is right now is why would Real Madrid offer him a new contract? His current one, signed six months ago, runs until 2021. Ronaldo will be 33 in less than a month and by the time his current contract ends, he will be 36.

Why Would Real Madrid Offer Him Another Contract?

Therefore, Real Madrid could offer him an improved contract with the same length on it, which would make more sense than extending it to, say, 2022 or 2023. However, that still does not explain everything. Cristiano’s form this season has been appalling even for a player of much worse renome than Ronaldo’s.

He scored four La Liga goals this season – making astounding 94 shots in the process – and the team has struggled overall. It is just not logical for Real Madrid to improve Ronaldo’s considering all of this.

So, that is where Manchester United come in. However, with Alexis Sanchez deal getting closer to end with every passing hour, it is almost impossible seeing United pay incredible sums of money to get Ronaldo. Next summer then? Maybe, it will be a different situation. By then, Real Madrid might be considering creating new Galacticos, without Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo. Who knows.

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