Manchester United Could Have An Unforgettable Season Despite Manchester City Run Away

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Manchester United’s loss to city rivals on Sunday evening made the gap between two teams to up to 11 points. It will be very hard for Jose Mourinho’s team to catch up with the leaders, especially since they keep winning in matches they are not playing to their full potential.

However, before the match against Bournemouth this Wednesday, Manchester United should not feel too worried about this season. There have been some mistakes and some losses that could have been avoided, but Man United are heading in good direction. They are improving on last year when they finished sixth in the league.

Now they only look into Man City’s backs as the Reds have shown much more than any other team in the league. Liverpool have been flashy up front but are losing points to weaker sides, Chelsea are not resolute as last season and Tottenham and Arsenal keep playing in hot-cold fashion.

So, if Man City are really to win the title and we seem to believe this early into a season, should Manchester United be worried?

All Eyes On Champions League

Maybe, but the season is not lost. For all we know, this term could prove to be an unforgettable one. With a little bit of luck and much more bravery in key moments of key matches, Manchester United could be in for a great ride.

With the Champions League round of 16 draw held on Monday, Mourinho’s players will be taking on Sevilla. The matches will be played in February and early March and until then plenty of things can happen.

Champions League could be the one competition Man United should look forward to. The draw was not the easiest, but it was definitely not the toughest. Leicester City managed to beat Sevilla in the same phase of last season with an arguably better squad than the one they have now. And also, a better coach, as Jorge Sampaoli was in their dugout last term.

Should Man United progress to quarterfinals, everything will be possible. An easier draw or spirited performance against a strong European side – it is all possible. Either Roma or Shakhtar will go through from one pair of matches, while teams like Liverpool or Porto would not be an unsurmountable challenge. It is a knockout competition after all and Manchester United might just go very far.

Manchester United Should Prepare For The Transfer Market

This is a big one. Manchester United should think in which direction they want to go now. Do they want to build a team playing Manchester United way, or do they want to follow every move Mourinho makes.

This is not being harsh on the manager at all. It is just a reality – Jose Mourinho will not stay for too long in Manchester, that is how he is. For that reason, moves in the transfer market must be wise.

The Reds should focus on bringing quality players in key areas which will improve the team immediately and replace the players brought in during pre-Mourinho – post-Sir Alex era. Manchester United are not a team for thinking if they are going to reach top four in the league. Manchester City, at this point, look head and shoulders above the rest of the league. But there is no reason why that could not start changing as soon as this season.

1 Comment on Manchester United Could Have An Unforgettable Season Despite Manchester City Run Away

  1. It is true all is not lost, and Am sure Manchester United will catch up soon or later. According to myself Manchester City can not go through the Season unbeaten that is quite impossible.

    Someone will agree with me Manchester City were lucky on Sunday, really lucky was on their side, and in addition the Ref. was so bais. Indeed, it’s high time fie the FA to do something on the so called fake Refs.
    Here again, according to me that Ref. who gave a Red Card Pogba did that deliberately in order to give Manchester City an easy walk-over on Manchester United when they meet. Believe me, Manchester City will not be the Champions, can see from the other games before the Manchester United derby the Manchester City had been surviving from late goals. So what does that mean.

    Please don’t be harsh to Jose, to me he is doing fine than last Season. So leave alon Jose.

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